Romanian Online Casino Used Pirated Gambling Software

Posted: May 21, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

An online casino software company in Romania was revealed to sell pirated solutions from Microgaming and RTG

Online casino content licenses from the major providers are quite expensive. The reasons are very simple: the more trusted and well known the software is that a casino operator chooses, the better player turnout and subsequent profits will be. However, there are always some black sheep that try to get around paying millions to renowned giants such as Microgaming or RTG.

Recently an online casino in Romania was discovered whose games were extremely similar to those of the major online casino software providers. Yet the casino in question, VIP Golden Club, was using an online casino software platform developed by a Romanian company by the name of Casino Web Scripts (CWS), which in turn had no affiliation or partnership agreement with neither Microgaming nor RTG.

Naturally, such blatant misuse of copyrighted material is in direct violation of Romanian gambling laws and every other law for that matter. Corresponding authorities and management of RTG and Microgaming have already been notified. No official statement has yet been made, but the Romanian operator and the software provider can surely expect legal action.

On top of the copyright violations, an independent investigation by a group of webmasters and player activists found that CWS software solutions provided several “special” features to online gambling sites in Romania. These included an ability to tweak the software in a way to guarantee the casino a set profit instead of a fair house edge that’s regulated by law. These revelations are set to earn the “developers” some time behind bars.

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