Svenska Spel Swedish Gambling Monopoly Says Sports Clubs Exploit Kids

The Swedish gambling monopoly, Svenska Spel went on the offensive accusing sports clubs of forcing kids under 18 to sell lotto

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This week, Svenska Spel (Swedish game), the government owned gambling monopoly created under Swedish gambling laws, unleashed fire and brimstone against People’s Game.

Svenska Spel alleges that People’s Game has been economically exploiting children. The incidents supposedly took place at People’s Games network of sports clubs where innocent young children are brought and forced to sell lottery tickets door to door.

Svenska Spel, 8 months ago, finally decided to increase the minimum age for buying lottery tickets to 18. Prior to that, Svenska Spel had no issues with children as young as 10 buying, selling or trading lottery tickets.

It is perhaps this short time span which makes the accusations strange, comical and a bit flat. Analysts consider this an equivalent of ‘a cannibal who hasn’t eaten anyone in 8 months hysterically accusing another cannibal of eating people.’

Svenska Spel, which is battling for its very survival as political parties are beginning to look favorably at allowing the entry and licensing of foreign online casino in Sweden.

Svenska Spel began its press release by stating that just on October 1, 2010 it imposed a minimum age of 18 to purchase lottery tickets in order to stop underage gambling.

Svenska Spel reminds readers that as a socially responsible government company it truly cares about people. It reiterated that purely out of deep concern for the welfare of the children it self-imposed the 18-year age rule for buying lottery tickets.

The Swedish monopoly accuses People’s Games of being socially irresponsible and bemoans the lack of care that politicians have for the poor young children.

The youngsters are allegedly forced to knock on doors and sell lottery tickets for hundreds of dollars operating out of dingy and dangerous Swedish poker rooms and sports clubs.

Svenska Spel then accuses politicians of “not protecting the rights of the children who are the smallest and the most helpless Swedish citizens is inexcusable.”

Svenska Spell continues this malarkey by vilifying the board of directors of local sports clubs of heartlessness, complete ignorance of the lottery business, enriching themselves be exploiting children, and finally by refusing to follow Svenska Spel’s example of raising the minimum age of lottery players to 18.

Svenska Spel takes the moral high ground by accusing Swedish residents of being racists and hypocrites who condemn child labor in 3rd world underprivileged countries while allowing the same vile practice to take place in their own back yard.

The monopoly’s statement warns politicians to “to immediately stop these illegal practices or will UN sanctions be required?”

It is time for Swedish political parties to unite in slaying the Svenska Spel beast and opening up the gambling market to licensed and regulated foreign online casinos. Svenska Spel is being irrational and a hypocrite as well, while threatening the hand that feeds it with UN sanctions.

It’s time to put this traitorous dog to sleep.

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