Holland Casino Seeks to Impress with New Facility

Holland Casino reopens its Scheveningen branch with great fanfare, yet missing real gambling appeal.

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It is quite well known in the European casino industry that Dutch gambling laws strongly favor its casino monopoly, Holland Casino, at the expense of other European operators, including online casinos.

The Dutch gambling news announcement reveals the favored treatment the Netherlands gambling monopoly gets form state officials. Recent reopening of Holland casino branch in Scheveningen was officially done by Fred Teeven, the State Secretary of Security and Justice.

This comes on top of the Dutch Supreme Court Justices cracking on offshore casinos, legally making it harder for the Dutch citizens to pursue internet betting in Holland. This is not surprising as the profits the casino monopoly makes go straight to the state coffers. But, what about free markets as prescribed by the European Union laws?

The Scheveningen casino complex includes gambling, live entertainment, and restaurants in a Vegas style approach. 3D effects have been implemented to add to its appeal. Yet, this is not it. There is something missing. It is the spirit of Vegas as well as the lack of many progressive jackpots that are offered at good quality land-based and mobile casinos were millions can be won with a single spin.

Despite its lackluster performance, Holland Casino is seeking to regain visitors for its other several branches which include Amsterdam and Rotterdam. As it appears, Holland Casino is seeking modern technological solutions in its gambling operations, hoping to prevent the Dutch players from traveling to other European and international gambling destinations.

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