Greeks Appear To Be Suffering From Online Gambling Addictions

A new Greek survey claims roughly one in four online gamblers are addicted in the country

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A recent Greek survey carried out by the e-business research centre ELTRUN of the University of Athens, has published data that shows that statistically, a quarter of all Greeks gambling online have symptoms of being an addict, Greece gambling news states.

As there is no clear, official Greek gambling laws permitting the restriction of online gambling, up to four hundred thousand Greeks admit to have gambled during the last twelve months, which also reveals that up to a whopping twenty six percent of all online bank transactions were made to and from online casinos.

The study also shows that of those four hundred thousand who admit to gambling online last year, a quarter of that figure admitted to spending at least twenty hours a week playing at online casinos in Greece. This equates to a stunning three hours, fifteen minutes a night. That amount of time – according to the ELTRUN survey – is dangerously indicative of an addiction.

The survey into the habits of the average Greek gambler, revealed that they make up to sixteen online purchases a year, with around one thousand five hundred Euros per twelve months in the casinos. But it isn’t just about the money. The unregulated Greek online casinos should also have a different worry.

In the last two years, the survey claims that there has been a rise of eight percent in the number of youths gambling online, as well as the same rise in older players aged forty three to fifty.

At this percentage, it can be calculated that roughly thirty thousand youths aged fourteen to twenty, are currently invested into internet gambling in Greece, in the forms of casinos, poker, sports betting and other online online games. The cause for concern has been highlighted by the organizers of the survey, who feel that the sharp rise in the level of adolescents gambling online, is in the stark relation to the addictions.

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