Houry Gebeshian Looks to Inspire Fellow Armenian Athletes

Armenian gymnastics

Houry Gebeshian didn’t make the Olympic finals, but she has secured her spot as an Armenian sporting hero and now aims to inspire a nation

American-Armenian Houry Gebeshian was able to make Armenian gambling news, and history twice during the 2016 Olympic Games. First, she became the first woman gymnast to represent Armenia at the Olympic Games. Second, she pulled off a move that the gymnastics world had never seen before, now appropriately called, “the Gebeshian.”

Gebeshain’s competitive career began in 2005 at the Junior Olympic Games. She got off to a tough start, placing 34th and failing to attract much attention. During this time, she trained at the Massachusetts Gymnastics Center under coaches Patrick Palmer, Shixin Mao, and Joe Massimo.

By the time she got to college, Houry Gebeshian had found her place as a gymnast. She competed in every meet during the season and became a Big-10 beam champion her junior year. The next year, she advanced to the 2011 NCAA Women’s Gymnastics Championship, but failed to medal.

After graduating from the University of Iowa, Gebeshian was approached by one of her dad’s friends, a member of the National Olympic Committee of Armenia. He told her the committee was looking for female athletes to represent Armenia, and asked if she was interested in joining. “Why not?” She told him.

Gebeshian’s star-making performance

Despite not making it to the Olympic finals, Houry Gebeshian had everyone talking about her. She pulled off a move that involved spinning in a 360 mid-air to get from the low beam to the high beam. It was something that had never been seen before, and has officially been dubbed “the Gebeshian.”

Gebeshian is happy with what she was able to accomplish, and hopes her performance inspires fellow Armenians to pursue their athletic goals. “My goal was to bring Armenia on the map,” she told the Wall Street Journal. “What more could I ask for? Loved my ‪‎Olympic experience. Was smiling the entire time.”

With Gebeshain out, there are now 8 women still competing for gold in the uneven bars. The current favorite to win based on Sportsbet odds is United State’s athlete Madison Kocian with odds of 2.62. Russia’s Aliya Mustafina has also emerged as a contender, with current odds of 4.33. The biggest underdog to win gold is Venezuelan athlete Jessica Brizedia Lopez Arocha, with odds at 41.00.

Do you think Houry Gebeshian’s performance in Rio will inspire more Armenians to compete in the Olympics? Could she compete in 2020? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s list of online sportsbooks in Armenia for a full list of the best websites for betting on the Olympics!

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