This Week in Pictures: August 02 – August 08, 2016

Week in Pictures   August 01 - August 08, 2016

With no shortage of big news stories around the world over the last seven days we take a moment to look back over some of the most important.

In Belgium a 33 year old Algerian man with a criminal record but no terror links was claimed by so-called Islamic State as one of their operatives after he was shot dead following a machete attack on several police officers at a checkpoint outside the police headquarters in Charleroi. Two officers were injured in the attack and the supposed terrorist was shot dead at the scene. Prime Minister Charles Michel urged Belgians to remain “constantly vigilant” in the wake of this, the latest attack Europe.

In Iran Shahram Amiri the nuclear scientists who vanished in Saudi Arabia in 2009 only to reappear in Washington some time later to make a rather public return to Iran was executed last week for espionage and was put to death after the nation’s supreme court upheld the application of the death penalty. “This person had obtained top secret information and established contacts with our number one sworn enemy, America, and passed on our country’s most crucial intelligence to the enemy.” said a spokesman.

In South Africa the convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius was reportedly treated at a private hospital for injuries to his wrists that he gained during a fall in his prison cell. His family denied that the injuries were self-inflicted whilst a source inside the prison where the former Para-Olympian is incarcerated for six years for to shooting his girl friend Reeva Steenkamp has reportedly claimed it was a suicide attempt. His brother said that claim was “baseless” and that Oscar was doing well “in the circumstances”.

In sport the games of the XXXI Olympiad got underway in Rio de Janiro, Brazil, with competitors from all over the world flocking to the coastal city in pursuit of one of the most famous prizes in sport an Olympic Gold Medal. Despite numerous issues blighting the build up to the games, from the Zika virus to water pollution, from political scandal to terrorist security threats the opening ceremony went off without a hitch and kicking off Rio 2016 with a colorful cavalcade of dancing and music.

1. Novak Djokovic and former Olympic champions, eliminated at the start of the Olympics in Rio 2016.Rio 2016 tennis favorites fail’ first rounds

Novak crying as he says goodbye to Rio (Photo: Sports News)

2. GamingZion made review of the most talented young handball players participating on the Rio 2016 Olympics.Three young handball players at the Rio Olympics

Fabregas, on of the youngest (Photo: MHB)

3. GamingZion collected the most likely candidates to win Olympic golden medal in both Men’s and Women’s Polo competition. Bet on Water Polo in the Olympics

Serbian Polo team is in for gold? (Photo: soflowaterpolo)

4. GamingZion collected a short list of the best eSports betting sites that one could find online.Best eSports

eSports are next level in betting (Photo: Trusted Reviews)

5. GamingZion payed attention to the sensational start of the Australian basketball team for men in Rio.Australian basketball players at the Rio Olympics

eSports are next level in betting (Photo: Bryn Lennon/Getty Images)

6. We took a look at the new games at BetVictor Casino and discovered great additions to the classic games and amazing bonuses. News and Bonuses BetVictor Casino

New games and bonuses (Photo: BetVictor Casino)

7. A new gymnastics move was invented by a gymnast at these Olympics.Houry Gebeshian Armenian Athlete

360 mid-air to get from the low beam to the high beam = the Gebeshian (Photo:

Meanwhile in the UK supporters of Brexit, the leaving of the European Union by the UK following the referendum earlier this year, have demanded by petition that the government issue new passports without “french” upon them. UK passports current feature “Dieu et mon droit” and “Honi qui mal y pense” upon them, however it has been pointed out that removal of all French from a passport is all but impossible given that the word “passport” is itself French and features prominently on the document.

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