Bet on Water Polo in the Olympics: Will Serbia Finally Win?

Hungary Olympic Water Polo Victory Celebration Beijing 2008

Check out the Olympic schedule and bet on water polo matches that will kick off on 6th of August.

In addition, the men’s tournament will start with the game that is probably the most prestigious encounter in the history of this sport: title-favourites Serbia will play the very first game against record champions Hungary in the Group A. Both teams will seek victory, however, up to this point, online sportsbooks in Brazil believe in an easy win for Serbia. Maybe online bettors are on a different opinion and the 4.33 (10/3) betting odds for Hungary at Bet365 are pretty tempting. The odds for Serbia to win are only 1.40 (2/5) while the draw would pay at 7.00 (6/1).

Bet on either Serbia or Hungary to win Group A

The team who will win the very first game will probably go through on the first place. Both Hungary and Serbia will be clear favourites for their remaining matches in the group stage as they will face Greece, Australia, Brazil and Japan. The two Eastern European countries are far stronger and if you bet on water polo, you better choose one of these teams unless you hope for a surprise result, which is obviously possible as well. Should Hungary win the group, Bet365 would pay 6.00 (5/1) times the stake. And that’s a pretty good deal! The odds for Serbia to win Group A are 1.22 (2/9).

Can Croatia defend its Olympic title?

Group B will be a tough group this year in Olympic water polo: Croatia, Montenegro and Italy are all among the best water polo teams in the world and they will all face each other already in the group phase. Online sportsbooks believe that London’s Olympic water polo champion team, Croatia, are most likely to win Group B as Bet365 has given them 2.38 (11/8) odds for triumph, but Montenegro’s and Italy’s odds are not that bad either: they are respectively 3.50 (5/2) and 5.50 (9/2).

This year, Serbia is believed to be the strongest water polo side according to all betting news from Brazil: Bet365 pays 1.53 (8/15) times the stake for Serbia’s Olympic glory. It’s always a good idea to bet on water polo teams of Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Hungary as these 4 are by far the best water polo teams in the world. Hungary seem to be the weakest of them with odds of 10.00 (9/1) but they are never to be looked down on when it comes to water polo. After being knocked out by Italy in London, the Hungarians will try to reassure their place among the best water polo teams and will try hard to claim the country’s 10th golden medal in Olympic history. However, the 9 golden medals they have is already an absolute record in Olympic water polo.

Bet on Women’s water polo as well

Women’s water polo has been introduced to the Olympic Games in 2000, Sydney and so Rio will host the fifth edition. No teams managed to win it twice: Australia, Italy, the Netherlands and the USA claimed 1-1 titles so far, the latter one winning the last edition in London. Hence they are arriving as the reigning champions and will hope to defend their title. Online betting sites in Brazil believe they are likely to win the tournament as the odds for the US Women’s water polo team’s triumph are 1.60 (3/5) at Bet365. Australia and Hungary come number 2 and 3 with respective odds of 4.50 (7/2) and 6.5 (11/2).

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