Delphine Lansac Rushes Off To Rio In The Womens Badminton

Delphine Lansac

Badminton may have had to change its name to become the popular sport it is today but there will be huge crowds to watch it in the Riocentro and the French will have their eyes on Delphine Lansac the young lady from Lyon looking to grab a medal at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

Rio Badminton Odds

  • Xuerui Li – 7/2
  • Caronlina Marin 4/1
  • Ratchanok Intanon 5/1
  • Yinhan Wang 6/1

Badminton has only been around since the 19th century in its present form however the use of a feathered projectile and racquets can be seen in Greek drawings dating back perhaps 2,000 years and games similar to Battledore & Shuttlecock, a direct fore-runner of Badminton, have been popular in India and China for at least as long. These proto-versions of the sport however lacked the net, and were more akin to keepy-uppy than anything that French woman Delphine Lansac would recognize.

Delphine Lansac

  • Nationality – French
  • Age – 21
  • Sport – Badminton

Brought back to Europe from British India it wasn’t until around the 1860s that it became a game of two sides with a net (to start just a string) between and known as Poona after the Indian garrison town of Pune, and Pune Rules were the codes of the day until 1887 when J H E Hart revised the rules, doing so again with the help of (the fabulously named) Bagnel Wild in 1890, turning a game into a sport, and one in which Delphine Lansac could well be worth a wager if you like to bet on sports in France at Bet365.

Battledore & Shuttlecock – Better Known As Badminton

Delphine Lansac is off to the 2016 Rio Olympics chasing that golden dream in a sport that has only been part of the Olympic pantheon since the 1992 games in Barcelona having been a demonstration sport some twenty years earlier at the Munich Olympics that were so horribly over-shadowed by the terrorist attack on the Israeli team. In the intervening time it has been an Olympic sport dominated by the far eastern countries of China (16 golds), South Korea and Indonesia (six golds apiece).

Xuerui Li

Xuerui Li is betting favourite (Photo: Alchetron)

Denmark are the only European nation to win a gold medal in the Olympic Badminton however Delphine Lansac will not be the only Olympian from French gambling news of their qualification will give the powerful players from the other side of the planet cause for pause. She’s hitting peak performance just in time for Rio and anything could happen in the Riocentro pavilion over the nine days of competition, but will it be enough to see this 21 year old French woman on the podium?

What Odds Can You Get On Delphine Lansac At Bet365?

The French have high hopes of Delphine Lansac, Her bronze in the Girl’s Singles at the 2013 European Junior Championships was coupled with a silver in the Mixed Team event and she went on to win the Irish Future Series in the same year, following it up with victory in the Romanian international in 2014 a superb doubles win with Emilie Lefel in the Peru International (the pair having come runner up in the Finnish Open) and just this year she beat long time rival Neslihan Yigit of Turkey to take the Polish Open title.

Rio 2016 will be the first Olympics Delphine Lansac has attended and with just days to go before the opening ceremonies the host city is (as all host cities do) scrambling to get things completed on schedule, but you’ve still time to take advantage of French gambling laws to pop on over to Bet365 where you’ll find all the odds on the Badminton at the 2016 Rio Olympic games, and whilst Delphine Lansac is only garnering 500/1 with the way her form has been running that could be a neat long-shot wager this summer (especially each-way).

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