An Ultimate Guide on How Bet Constructors Work

  • Betting odds creation is available for 1xBet Sportsbook clients
  • Build your own bet if you want to earn more from betting on sports
  • Bet makers usually use bet constructors for better results. What is it?
how bet constructors work

Did you know that gamblers can not only wager at popular sportsbook sites but also create their own bets? It is done via a betting constructor – a special function that aims to help you calculate and write down all outcomes of the match. To learn about how bet constructors work and where to try them, read our special guide.

If you are a frequent guest at online sportsbooks in Germany or any other country, you definitely know how many bets there are on each website. Do you think that each and every bet on these sportsbooks were created by themselves? No. The majority of betting predictions are made by gamblers, who want to wager on a particular sport or entertaining event having a wider range of betting options. Most sportsbooks allow their clients to create bets and we are going to tell you how to make your own.

How to create a bet: general rules

To make a betting prediction, the first thing a sportsbook user should do is read the rules and policies of a particular website regarding bets. For example, 1xBet allows building bets, while some other sportsbook sites may forbid it. Each and every online gambling platform has its own conditions regarding making a bet, but there are basic rules everyone usually follows.

  • The sportsbook reserves the right to change or delete a bet at its pleasure. It is possible in such cases as the rules violation. If a user or group of users is suspected to misuse a bet or if a person doesn’t follow the established rules, the bet is deleted. Also, the site can modify the bet if the event isn’t scheduled for a particular date anymore.
  • There is another reason to cancel a bet: if one or more picks become invalid. For example, if a football player who is predicted to score in a match doesn’t play in the game, the whole bet is canceled. Unfortunately, the correctness of the other picks doesn’t help.
  • Sportsbooks also do not take responsibility if betting odds are not available for technical reasons.
  • Your betting prediction should contain at least one pick to wager on. The maximum number of picks varies from sportsbook to sportsbook.

How bet constructors work and why you need them

Once you learn basic rules and go for building a bet, you will need a betting constructor. What is it, why you need it, and how bet constructors work – let’s figure it out. 

Bet constructor is a special function that allows making bets at any event or match. It is used mostly for building bets on sports games as they require multiple picks to wager on. To place all these picks in one bet, you will need a bet constructor.

how bet constructors work
Bet constructors are useful.

Why do you need a bet constructor in a broader sense? It is actually a great option used by sportsbooks as it allows their clients to be in the betting market. Usually, bookmakers miss the details of a football match and tend to make odds on the winner only. At the same time, users can expand the amount of betting markets by adding more picks and make a larger profit from a single game.

Available betting picks

To build a bet for a football match at 1xBet Sportsbook, you need to place at least several picks. They should include not only odds on the winner of the competition, but other bets too. Here is the full list of the most possible betting picks to include in your bet:

  • Total/correct score
  • Halftime results
  • One/both teams to score
  • Team to score first/last
  • Extra time
  • Corners
  • Red/yellow cards
  • Penalties
  • Injuries
  • Particular player’s result

Let’s build a bet

The process of building a bet at a sportsbook site is actually simple. Once you decide what picks to include in your bet, here comes an answer to the question of how bet constructors work. 

To create an online bet, you have to choose the market where it will be placed at your sportsbook. To do it, simply select any match from the list. When you get on the website, you will see all options available for deciding. Pick yours (e.g. a Group stage match between Austria and Ukraine at Euro 2020) and then go to the bet constructor to place the odds. 

how bet constructors work
Let’s build bets!

Build your bet via constructor by adding betting picks one by one; they will update automatically after adding a new section. Once you finish, the sportsbook will add your bet to the website after checking it. You can see your bet as soon as it appears in the Your Bet section and it will available for betting before the deadline.

Where can I create a bet?

As we have already mentioned, 1xBet is the most loyal sportsbook for bet makers. It offers a large variety of markets available for placing a bet, so you shouldn’t focus on football only. Here you are free to build bets on TV shows, celebrities, movie predictions, weather forecasts, and many other options. Read the review about 1xBet Sportsbook to learn more about its terms and conditions.

Another sportsbook that allows building bets is Bet365. They initially came up with the idea of explaining how bet constructors work and giving their users a chance to make such a big step in online betting. To have a possibility to create bets, you have to sign up for one of the sportsbooks, claim welcome bonuses, and start making your first bet.

You can discover more here at 1xBet Sportsbook.

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