You Can Bet On American Politics From The Bottom To The Top

  • Betting On Local Elections To US National Campaigns
  • Find Your Bet On American Politics In 2020 At Bovada
  • Population Polarization Perpetuates Political Pugilism
Bet On American Politics

A bet on American politics doesn’t have to be merely a bet on Donald Trump or a bet on Joe Biden. The US political system offers far more opportunities than just the 2020 US Presidential election odds. Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada will offer odds on elections at all levels of the political landscape. Modern technology means you can now follow these races. So let’s take a look at the three major strata of US political betting available these days.

Often the race for the White House over-shadows the other US politics odds on offer. It’s hard not to take the election of a man to ownership of nuclear weapons seriously. The leadership of the free world is up for grabs. Why would one bet on the next Mayor of a city in Mississippi or the governor of somewhere in the Midwest? So, it’s understandable the presidency dominates the betting landscape. However, those who regularly bet on American politics know there’s more to it than that. 

Democracy™ in the US pretty much proves the old claim that it’s “turtles all the way down”. The partisan politics of the national arena now fought out even harder at a local level. The rise of social media, and the success of ‘Mayor Pete’, means parties look for their future stars in these races. The internet also now allows you to follow these races in real time. Wherever you are. So you can take advantage of US gambling laws to back a local election candidate at Bovada with ease.  

White House Race Odds 

  • Joe Biden (Democrat) – 5/4
  • Donald Trump (Republican) – 5/6

You Can Bet On Local Elections In The US To Be Hard Fought

Perhaps nowhere else is the chasm of partisan polarization that dominates the US political landscape more obvious. The recent events in Michigan have highlighted the importance of state houses across the country. They draw (and redraw) the electoral districts. They oversee electoral laws. State houses are able to put votes to the people far easier than any President. This is where the battle for the political soul of America rages, and where you can bet on American politics’ hardest fight.

Odds On US State Elections Could Shape Future Of Democracy

Swayed by the gerrymandering and voter-suppression of state houses the national campaigns are the most common bet on American politics. It’s easy to bet on the Republicans or bet on the Democrats to take the White House. It always has been. However, with the 24hr news cycle now augmented by social media it’s far more fun to follow each gaffe live online. So, it won’t surprise you to know Bovada, and other online betting sites in the US, offer far more wagers. 

Want An Odd Bet On American Politics?

  • Trump Wins All 50 States – 25/1
  • Election Winner Neither Trump Nor Biden – 10/1
  • No Presidential Election Held In 2020 – 6/1
  • Biden NOT To Be Democrat Nominee – 4/1
  • Trump To Win Over 50% Of Popular Vote – 5/2
Bet On American Politics
Trump is the favorite of the US betting sites – Image source: Flickr

US National Election Odds Have Always Been Capricious

Social media has increased the level of participation in the political process. This hasn’t, so far, translated into a higher turnout, but it might. Fighting the battle apparently more important for some than who wins the war. So, in effect, for many this is just another sport. A bet on American politics might seem hard to equate with a bet on sports in the US. However, they could be right. On TV and the online US politics does frequently resemble a sport on television and the internet, right?

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We take a look at the different strata of US governance to see why a bet on American politics doesn’t necessarily have to be on the national campaigns.

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