Odds On US State Elections Could Shape Future Of Democracy

  • State Races Hold Sway Over Political Culture in USA
  • Odds On US State Elections Are Available At Bovada
  • These aren’t A Second Rate Bet On Politics In The US
Odds On US State Elections

The polarization of US politics may be most obvious at the top but it goes all the way down too. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the state house elections where the ideological war is at perhaps its most brutal. So, the odds on US state elections are closely watched by online betting sites in the US. These bitter battles often shape the elections to follow them as the sides wrestle for the soul of America. This is, after all, where electoral laws come from, and they hold the keys to the palace now.

The odds on US state elections rattle and pitch the same as all other odds. The big difference being that winners can make the rules the losers have to play by next time. This makes it a very much harsher battle than one might face in a Mayoral race. Recently some states have had to change their particular electoral laws in the US. This is, of course, nothing new. Indeed gerrymandering and voter suppression have long been buzzwords of the US election cycle. 

What has changed is the involvement the techno-revolution gives voters. Where once campaigning was a door-to-door process, now one can be an “influencer” from the sofa. People who would not normally participate in the process beyond voting are now getting involved. The growing shift towards states right gives these races gives online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada reason enough to offer up the odds on State elections in the US. They’re no picnic.

Theodore Roosevelt

“A vote is like a rifle; It’s usefulness depends on the character of the user.”

Bovada Offers Up Odds On US State Elections

This is not just because men with guns are trying to intimidate legislators in Michigan. Sure, that makes good TV, but state election odds in the US are a fun wager too. There is something just a little perverse about a bet on US politics, especially at this strata of the political landscape. The cynicism and mean-spirited desire to win can’t be hidden here. Each side will do its utmost to confound their opponents. Campaigns monitor the odds on US state elections more than even the media does.

The media love the odds on state elections because it allows for even more speculation. Why the odds are as they are, who is causing them to be so, where they’ll shift next. It’s all fodder for the talking heads on local news. Candidates or parties making a gaffe can expect it splashed far and wide on the web, their triumphs perhaps slightly less so. Anyone in the US gambling laws of honour and chivalry still apply need reappraise the situation. This is an all out bar brawl with ballot boxes.

Odds On US State Elections
You can bet on the outcome of each state – Image source: Flickr

States Control The Soul Of American Democracy

Naturally, the deep ideological split in US political culture at present often ends up focused on individual prop votes. Everything from redistricting to legalizing marijuana can be on the ballot. Whether you can bet on sports in the US in your particular state could be a referendum question. The odds on US state elections often cover these too. Bovada and others happily offering up odds for even the most bizarre, dare one say niche, bets on issues votes.

Abraham Lincoln

“The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

So, because the rules that govern day-to-day life stem far more from the state house than Washington, this is no game. The President can be of either party but state houses control education and electoral law. They literally hold all the cards when it comes to future votes. So keep an eye on the odds on US state elections. They’re worth a wager at Bovada, but far more they might just signpost where America is leaning next. Far more than the resident in the White House will.

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We take a look at the odds on US state elections and why they are every bit as brutal as the national elections which over shadow them.

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