You Can Bet On Local Elections In The US To Be Hard Fought

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Bet On Local Elections In The US

In the massively partisan current era that haunts US politics there is no such thing as a simple election. Not from the national stage to the most local of votes. Indeed these days you can bet on local elections in the US to be every bit as hard-fought as a general election. So much so, online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada now offer local election odds in the US. With parties on the lookout for rising stars, the local candidates of today can be the presidential candidates of tomorrow. 

There has always been a chasm between Republicans and Democrats. The entrenchment of today just an extension of a long running ideological struggle. It may be more colourful, a little more brash, but in essence it’s the same old left/right tussle. The internet, however, has shifted the landscape. You can bet on local elections in the US to gain far more attention than once they did. The mayors of today aren’t just fodder for when times are tough, now they can make names for themselves. 

Once you might see a mayor if there had been a disaster, a shooting, some calamity or other. Now with the rise of the likes of Pete Buttigieg they’re seen as potential future candidates for higher office. The ever-ravenous internet, always hungry for news, feeds it’s partisan audience with tales of their triumphs and pratfalls. So, a bet on local elections in the US is no longer limited to those in the vicinity. Online betting sites in the US like Bovada offer the wagers to everyone regardless. 

Pete Buttigieg

“The shape of our democracy is the issue that affects every other issue.”

US Mayoral Race Odds Worth Looking At  

A bet on local elections in the US at Bovada is simple now. One need not be a resident of South Bend, Indiana, to look at the issues and candidates in their races. It’s all just a click away. Likewise, you don’t need to be a New Yorker to know who Andrew Cuomo is. His recent high profile might be on the back of a crisis, but that’s par for the course. Whether he translates this into a run for office even higher than his is questionable, but not beyond the realms of possibility. 

The parties are only too well aware of this. They shepherd anyone who looks even close to attracting voters from across the aisle in this hyper-partisan era. They’re looking for the same qualities in candidates you should. Winners are winners. There is, of course no sense making it more difficult than necessary. If you’re going to take advantage of US gambling laws to win a little with a bet on local elections in the US, keep it simple. The big cities are far easier to follow. 

Bet On Local Elections In The US
Andrew Cuomo in 2011 – Image source: Flickr

Bet On Local Elections In The US At Bovada

Yes, the issues of New York will be a little more complex, a little more nuanced. Cities are complex entities. However, this merely adds spice to your bet on local elections in the US. The net will provide a wealth of opinions and news, much of it from sources close to the action. This simply wasn’t possible before social media and the 24hr news cycle. You can follow every twist and turn as easily as one might a cricket match. Although perhaps a little more comprehensibly. 

George Carlin

“In America, anyone can become President….. That’s the problem.

This won’t be the first election cycle where the grassroots holds sway. There have been plenty of elections like that before. The awareness of voters, pundits and candidates of the importance that these races could have on future elections, perhaps heightened. Indeed one day a bet on local elections in the US will be much akin to a bet on sports in the US, if perhaps just a little like College ball is compared to the NBA. Just don’t believe only the general election matters.

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We take a look at why a bet on local elections in the US could be far more interesting now the internet allows anyone to follow any race.

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