How to Increase Betting Odds at Online Sportsbooks


Posted: February 8, 2018

Updated: May 22, 2018

Regular bettors know that sometimes the bookmakers’ odds are just not right. From 2018, players at VBet Sportsbook don’t have to roll with the default numbers, if they learn how to increase the betting odds.

It’s time to take your betting in your own hands. In January, VBet Sporstbook has introduced a new feature that has highly requested since the dawn of online sportsbetting. The feature – named ‘Counter Offer’ – allows all members to adjust the odds of pre-match bets. If you think that sounds too good to be true, you are right. Obviously, there are some requirements to fulfil so you can customize the betting odds.

First of all, the Counter Offer is available only for pre-match single bets above the $10 mark. As of now, your adjusted odds cannot exceed VBet Sportsbook’s by more than 1%. Lastly, your Counter Offer will have to go through a quick approval process after which you’ll be notified in a message.

Counter Offer Checklist:

Make sure that all of the points below are true:

  1. It is a pre-match bet
  2. I’m making a single bet
  3. min. $10 bet amount
  4. custom betting odds are max. 1% higher than the deafult
  5. VBet Sportsbook accepted my offer

How to increase the betting odds on VBet Sportsbook’s interface

How to Increase Betting Odds
Specify your custom betting odds

That’s all that you need to keep in mind to increase the betting odds. If you are not yet a VBet Sportsbook member, click here to read our review or here to make a custom bet!

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