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Posted: September 22, 2023

Updated: September 22, 2023

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Today we are going to talk about everyone’s priority question in the world of poker. How much can poker players make? Money makes the world spin around, and of course, we all want to optimize our salary to have a stress-free life. While gambling always comes with a certain uncertainty and stress, at the same time, we can easily find a career path for ourselves.

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Today I am going to list how much poker players can make on all levels and branches of play. Keep in mind that poker alone is a vague definition. This means that there are generally many different types of playing. If you are not making any positive consistent income, then you are not on the level of being a professional yet. – How much can poker players make?

However, you may still educate yourself. In this case, I highly recommend you to just register at some of the online poker sites in the US. Because you are on the way, you have many things left to learn before you can finalize the whole process. Or, you can study to be an iGaming businessman or a croupier!

How Much Can Poker Players Make Full-Time?

Let’s start by ignoring the general players. If you are not a professional, then most of the time it is just about luck. However, once you decide to be a full-time poker player, that’s when we can speak of winnings as a salary. First things first, there are different types of players. Some are great and are risking money, yet they win most of the time. And there are the ones who play with people on a lesser level, to increase their winning odds.

According to The Plaid Horse, the average hourly wage as a poker pro can range from $20 per hour to $500 per hour. It all depends on your opponents and the region in which you play. If you are just a beginner, then I highly recommend you register at Juicy Stakes to start your journey. But stay gambling aware!

poker player salary

What If They Turn Into A Croupier?

If you look at the poker dealer salary, especially during the WSOP. Then you might quit your dreams about hustling your way to the top. Because professional poker players make a whole fortune in the casino. And more than often they remain at the same place for the rest of their lives. But how much can poker players make in the long term here?

Even if you grow old, you can start to train other dealers, and of course, become a dealer manager. According to Salary the average median for their salary is $20,982. This is a fairly experienced, but not senior-level dealer. And croupier gets a lot of cash bonuses. This is one of the best career paths you can take if you understand how cards work and if you look good.

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How Much Can Poker Players Make On WSOP?

According to Bleacher Report, the Grand Prize at the WSOP is $12.1 million. This means that even being a close second could be extremely beneficial for you. Furthermore, WSOP comes with a certain exposure that you can use to sell your books, brand, or courses. However, once you have a significant play at the WSOP, possibilities, and other tournaments will fall into your hand.

The only downside of WSOP is the fact that you have to let the community absorb you. This means that from that point, you will have to make a living out of playing tournaments and attending ‘poker pro’ live shows and tables. However, you can make an extremely good living out of being an anonymous WSOP pro.

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How About Selling Poker Courses?

So how much can poker players make? Well, A lot. – The pro-gambling annual salary in 2023 is not balanced out, mainly because many of the poker pros are doing their hustle on top of the poker hustle. Some are selling courses, some are selling books, and some are markets. It is extremely hard to figure out how much they make. But one thing is sure; Poker games, especially streamed ones, are giving a good foundation to publish books or digital courses.

Furthermore, it gives exposure to create a fanbase who wouldn’t mind spending that $27, hoping that they could turn it into a positive winning experience at the poker table. Not only poker pros will be interested. Sometimes people will just buy a book for their loved one, or to be better at poker than their friends at home. 

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As A Partner – How Much Can Poker Players Make?

There is one more thing you can do to set yourself up on the path. Which is to become a partner. Are you good enough? Are you charismatic? Do you know how to handle conventions and business talks? You can become a partner. Many poker professionals became partners when they decided to make more cash.

Some partners are influencers and advertising on social media. Some of them are full-time streamers or podcast hosts. And in fact, some partners also turn into brand owners, like Shaq O’Neal. You could even research how much it costs to open a casino? – The answer is a lot, but without trying, you’ll never know!

poker affiliate salary

Where To Start Playing Online Poker?

Finally, you know how much can poker players make in different categories and branches. Now all you have to do is start playing poker. As we mentioned above, we recommend Juicy Stakes for those who want to experiment with the many different types of poker play.

Therefore, if you are interested in playing, then Juicy Stakes will welcome you with great offers, and of course high-stake gambling opportunities. Stay responsible as you play, and if you are a beginner, join a lot of low-cost tables instead of one big table. Let’s see the atmosphere before jumping into the shark pool, shall we?

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