How RNG Works In Online Gambling


Posted: March 5, 2020

Updated: March 5, 2020

  • RNG is a program that ensures the fairness of the game due to the unpredictability of its results
  • Random number generators of online casinos undergo regular checks to avoid any kind of frauds
  • In this article, you can find out how RNG works in online gambling

When you are playing in an online casino, for example, blackjack or poker, the distribution of cards from the deck does not work in the usual physical way. This is also true about spinning a roulette wheel, rolling dice, slots, or lottery balls. Why? Because any online casino simulates gaming situations using the so-called Random Number Generator (RNG). This is a regular program that ensures the fairness of the game due to the unpredictability of its results. In this article, we decided to find out how RNG works in online gambling. 

The random number generation process bases on extremely complex mathematical algorithms. If you did such calculations manually, they would take several days. However, modern technologies in online gambling allow making these calculations in a split second. Before visiting online casinos in the USA, the user should make sure in the fairness and honesty of the work of the RNG on the platform. How one can do it? Read our article to find it out!

How RNG works in online gambling: General Principles

Let’s start with the theoretical definition of this concept. A random number generator is a program that can produce completely unpredictable sequences of numbers that are not connected. We can consider dice as primitive examples of RNG. This program divides into two main categories: True (Hardware) Random Number Generators and Pseudo-Random Number Generators.

how RNG works in online gambling
Most of these machines use pseudo-RNG.

The first type includes models that use data obtained from chaotic changes in certain physical processes. For example, shot- or thermal-noise may become its source. For online gambling platforms, Hardware RNGs are too expensive and complicated. Thus, developers usually use the pseudo-random type. It is a computer program that produces chains of numbers. This type of RNG gives random results, but within the specified limits. For example, for a single online slot, the limit can be the total number of possible combinations of symbols on five reels, which is many millions of options.

Before you visit online casinos in the USA, you need to know how RNG works in online gambling for a particular game. For example, in roulette, a random number is generated from 1 to 37 (from 1 to zero on the monitor). In the blackjack version with eight decks – from 1 to 416 (numbers from 1 to 8 are deuces of Hearts, from 9 to 16 are deuces of Spades and so on). The numbers on dice are also generated in online casinos.

Is it possible to decrypt the RNG algorithm?

Since RNG in online casinos is nothing more than a program, theoretically, it can be hacked. Will one be able to decrypt it? Almost certainly not. The best software developers use powerful RNGs based on very complex algorithms. The probability of their decryption is negligible. Software developers determine the base numbers in the RNG algorithm in advance. However, to protect the program from the intervention of third parties, from time to time the base numbers are replaced by random ones. After that, it is impossible to track the results. Moreover, no device can recognize the pattern when they quite often replace the base numbers.

Of course, there were cases when casino games were hacked. For example, the story of Ron Harris who was a specialist in the work of slot machines. His job was to find bugs in their work. And of course, the adventurous Ron decided to take advantage of his position and secretly won jackpots on buggy slots in Vegas. As a result, Harris went to prison. However, he did not crack the RNG – he found flaws in its work. Anyway, modern analogs of generators are much more perfect and excellently protected. This is how RNG works in online gambling today.

Do online casinos interfere with the work of the RNG?

If the RNG is nothing more than a computer program, do casinos juggle the results of draws? Nowadays, clients can rely on the honesty of software developers and the decency of gambling operators. However, we are talking about reputable online casinos in the USA working on licensed software. Their RNG is usually produced by well-know software developers under the control of government organizations and independent experts. If you play in a dubious online casino that does not report to anyone about its work, you act at your own risk. Visit CyberSpins Casino and be sure that no one is taking advantage of you!

Who checks the RNG in online gambling?

Random number generators undergo regular checks. Even at the testing stage, the game is already being checked up and down by independent companies. The most respected organizations from this niche are Technical Systems Testing (TST), eCOGRA and Price Waterhouse Coopers (PWC). Most often, the verification is confirmed by a special certificate, which spells out RTP values ​​for all types of games (card, board, slots, etc.). Besides, it confirms the random operation of the RNG for individual games: blackjack, roulette, etc.

how RNG works in online gambling
Roulette table – an analog RNG

How do companies verify the operation of the RNG? They conduct a series of tests to prove the randomness of the results. Moreover, it is important to understand that large audit firms value their reputation and do not issue certificates to everyone. Usually, a link to the certificate is posted on the casino home page. It shows all players the honest work of the institution. Please note that the certificate cannot stay on the gambling platform itself, otherwise it would be very easy to falsify. By clicking on the link, the user should go to the site of the inspection organization. In CyberSpins Casino you don’t need to worry about cheating. This platform is a good example of how RNG works in online gambling.


So can we consider RNG reliable? Nowadays, yes, we can! Modern RNGs produce results that one cannot predict in practice. And can one believe that online casinos do not interfere with the operation of the RNG? As we have told you before, choose well-known institutions with extensive experience and a good reputation. Thus, you will have no reason to doubt their honesty.

It is worth mentioning that after independent testing and approval of the RNG, this software is stored on a special server. Neither the casino operator nor the provider of the gaming platform can intervene in the further work of the RNG. Besides, the generator of a trustworthy casino undergoes periodic inspections organized by numerous independent organizations. Now you know how RNG works in online gambling. If you don’t want to risk, just visit CyberSpins Casino. Safety in online gambling always goes first!

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