How to Avoid Gambling Scams and How to Detect Them?


Posted: August 31, 2020

Updated: August 31, 2020

  • Prolonged reward withdrawal process should already be a warning for you
  • Do not agree with terms and conditions without reading them
  • You can start gambling at the website only after you researched it

Gambling by its nature is a risky venture, therefore, it is important to know how to avoid gambling scams before you even start placing your bets. Moreover, when it comes to online gambling, the risk involves not only the possibility of losing the game but also becoming the victim of fraud. 

As the number of online gambling sites in the US is increasing at a tremendous speed, operators and clients become very attractive targets for fraud.

Thus, we prepared a list of the red flags and signs that can protect you from becoming the victim of fraud. Once you know them, you’ll better know how to spot a fake casino online and avoid it.

How to Avoid Gambling Scams and Choose a Reliable Website

Gambling will always require you to do a lot of research, especially if you’re serious about earning money through gambling. But even if you consider gambling as just a pastime, it’s still crucial to find a trustworthy website. There is a great choice of online casinos in the US today, so why not look for the one with the highest security level and the best betting odds? Bovada and CyberSpins Casino, for instance, provide you with all of these.

So, if you want to know how to avoid gambling scams, these are the signs that you must note:

  • There is no exact information about the location of the website
  • There are many comments regarding the cumbersome or extremely long process of reward withdrawal
  • Homepage does not provide any details of license number

These signs are enough to make you understand that there’s something wrong with the website. We’ll talk about these more in detail below.

If You Want to Know How to Avoid Gambling Scams, Never Use One

The idea of getting a system that will always make you win sounds so alluring, right?

But it only sounds like that. In fact, these winning systems won’t make you win. Even if something like this existed, most of us wouldn’t be able to buy it.

Therefore, knowing how to avoid gambling scams also means avoid using them.

How Do You Detect Fraudulent Activity?

One of the best ways how to avoid gambling scams is a follow a Know Your Customer (KYC) practice. It includes a few steps during the registration that will protect your account from frauds. Those steps are:

  • Verify your ID
  • Verify your age

Moreover, you can tract fake accounts through these:

Emails. Most of our social media accounts are connected with emails, therefore, it becomes easier to spot fake accounts

Fingerprinting. This will provide the details regarding the device being used. They will immediately inform you about the suspicious logins.

IP. IP address can also tell you a lot about the location and the usage of the internet which will expose if there’s any fraud.

What If the Rewards Withdrawal Process Does Not Seem to End?

One of the signs that you are gambling at the untrusted website is an extremely prolonged withdrawal process as we mentioned earlier.

So, what you do next after you won some money in one of your favorite games – withdrawing your reward. But if the days pass but no rewards eventually reach the winner? You completed all the required steps and added all important information to get the money but there’s still no news. And every time you contact the staff, they tell you to wait a little longer and that the money will be transferred. If this process keeps going on and nothing changes, don’t you think that it’s a sign that something’s wrong? And yes, you might have to admit that you became the victim of the online gambling fraud. Therefore, to know how to avoid gambling scams next time, you should do more thorough research.

How to avoid gambling scams
Be careful!

Too Generous Bonuses Are Not as Attractive as They Might Seem

All websites offer online gambling bonuses in the US. Therefore, if the site you’re gambling offers nice bonuses, it’s not necessarily a sign that something’s wrong. Those can be signup bonuses or bonuses for loyalty for constant customers.

But what can tell you about the potentially insecure website? Well, too high bonuses can already become a reason for questioning the site’s safety. Not all gamblers know this, and they may only get pleased with receiving more bonuses. Nevertheless, gamblers who have done a lot of research and know the ways how to avoid gambling scams would know that it’s time to leave the website. Therefore, don’t get attracted by too generous bonuses, they are trick.

Gambling License Tells You a Lot About the Website’s Trustworthiness

Every reputable website cares about its reputation. Therefore, they are aiming to provide the highest level of safety for their customers. Because these customers are their potential positive reviews.

Thus, every reputable and trustworthy website has the required gambling website. Make sure the site you picked for gambling, has this license, it’s very easy to check.

How to avoid gambling scams
Let’s play!

Spend Some Time Reading the Terms and Conditions

Lots of people are used to aggreging to terms and conditions without even reading them. Don’t do this.

We know you want to start gambling instantly. But believe if you take some time reading the terms and conditions and learning more about the website, it might potentially save you from tremendous losses.

Reliable Casinos Offer Several Payment Options

Reliable casinos are always providing their customers with multiple payment options. Those payment options can involve both bank and credit card transfers. They should also support modern payment options such as Cryptocurrencies. Thus, if the website you found has very limited gambling options, then you must look for more information about the website and check if it’s worth gambling at it.

You can discover more about CyberSpins here.

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