Diego Costa Transfer Odds: It Is Either England Or Italy


Posted: August 31, 2020

Updated: August 31, 2020

  • Diego Costa is one of the best strikers in Europe
  • Mourinho wants to reunite with his former player
  • Milan’s poles are in talks to sign him

Diego Costa transfer odds are out after Atletico Madrid put him up for sale in the transfer market. There are several options, but only three teams make sense for him now. Tottenham, AC Milan, and Inter are leading the race to sign the Spanish striker. Where do you think he will end up next season?

Diego Costa Is A Sharp Striker

Diego Costa is currently one of the top strikers in European football. He is an aggressive striker who picks his chances really well. Throughout his career, the Spanish striker played for a long list of teams which include Atletico Madrid and Chelsea. He led those teams to win several major trophies too. For instance, Costa won two English Premier League titles and one FA Cup with Chelsea. He also led Atletico Madrid to La Liga glory and one Europa League title. All in all, he is a successful striker scoring 179 goals in his career. As a result, clubs will be fighting over him in the next transfer window. His market value is 15.95 million euros which relatively cheap to other strikers in the market. As a result, Diego Costa transfer odds show that there are several options for him on the table.

Diego Costa Transfer Odds: It Could Be A Reunion With Mourinho

Although several teams are interested in the service of the Spanish striker, only a handful of teams make sense for him at this stage of his career. His best option is probably to go back to England but only to join Tottenham Hotspur. With the Spurs, he will get to reunite with former boss Jose Mourinho. The Portuguese manager has made it a priority to sign a striker in this transfer window, and Costa would be the perfect option for him. Costa brings in the aggressiveness that Jose likes to see in his players, and the two could re-create their success at Chelsea with the Spurs. In fact, online sportsbook sites in the UK have Tottenham leading the race of Diego Costa transfer odds. At 1xBET Sportsbook, odds for him to reunite with Mourinho at Tottenham are 1.67.

Diego Costa transfer odds
Where is he going?

Recent reports have also surfaced indicating that Costa’s other options include playing in Italy. According to Spanish journalist Juan Gato, Diego Costa has made the decision to go and play for one of Milan’s sides. It was not specified if Costa chose AC Milan or Inter Milan, but it seems that The Rossoneri is closer. At 1xBET Sportsbook, betting odds for AC Milan to sign him are 2.88 while odds for Inter are 6.00. The other betting options for Diego Costa transfer odds are included in the following table. Where do you think he will end up next season?

Any USA MLS Club 10.00
Any Chinese Super League Team 10.00
Leeds United 11.00
Fulham 12.00
Aston Villa 15.00

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