How to Be Good at Tekken?

  • How to get better at Tekken
  • Muscle memory
  • Unpredictable subconscious reactions
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Tekken is a great game indeed, I’d love to play it and I had some points in my life when I was really into it. Today with online sportsbooks in the US, it is possible to have the streams of the best games, while you can make live bets on them. But watching your favorites is always leaving you with some questions. How did they do it? How could they have that timing? It’s almost like they know the future sometimes. 

I hope I can answer some of these questions in this article and will be able to move you closer to your dream play. Don’t just watch the best, be the best. Be that guy that you can make the bets on 1xbet.

Have a lot of time to practice

To be good at Tekken, just like with any other sport or e-sport you will need a lot of time to practice. People are giving in whole lives in order to perfect something. Knowing the method is the way to go. But even if you know all the theories, you will need a huge amount of time to practice.

Find a character you stick with

Try as many characters as possible. In the beginning, you can’t be sure which one is the most suitable for you. Once you find one stick with it. It’s not like you can never pick another character again, but in the beginnings and at the medium level you will have to focus all your energy to be the most effective with that character you picked. However, experimenting with characters at the beginning will prevent you to get bored or tired of them. Once you find your main character you can still pick some other for fun games. It will have a refreshing, good and healthy influence on your gameplay.

good at tekken, be good at tekken, online sportsbooks in the US, 1xbet, characters, muscle memory, practice, reaction based playstyle
Are you going to choose Paul or Law instead?

Reaction based playstyle

It is a very common mistake amongst beginners, that they are learning a few kick-ass combos with a character, then they are trying to implement it without thinking. They are just logging in to the game and as the round starts they start to push their ten hit combination combos. This is not going to be effective against good gamers.

What reaction-based playstyle is, that you are selecting your actions based on the enemy’s movements. You have to check your opponent at the beginning of the match if he has some weaknesses to exploit. Let’s say for example is there a combo that he likes to do all the time? Does he have some moves that he is using commonly? If I do a certain move what is his usual reaction? Analyzing your enemies like this you can build a playstyle that has no or hardly any weaknesses to exploit. Meaning, that you are only attacking if there is an opening. Exploiting others’ weaknesses is the way to be good at Tekken.

good at tekken, be good at tekken, online sportsbooks in the US, 1xbet, characters, muscle memory, practice, reaction based playstyle

Practice movement to be good at Tekken

Once you reach a higher level you will find people who have great movement. While learning good movement is difficult, those who have great movement will always surpass the ones who do not have this skill. With good movement, you are going to control the match. Someone who doesn’t have a good movement as yours will not be able to hit you.

Be good at Tekken – player with muscle memory

Here we are again at our first point. A lot of time. Knowing a lot of characters and their most annoying or harmful movements is not enough. You have to prepared to block these movements. Playing a lot and practicing a lot these blockings you will have the memory of the animations of the movement after a while. In your brain, you have to connect every character animation to a blocking combo with your finger movement. You have to act subconsciously during just a few seconds.

Play a lot of ranked – Be good at Tekken

good at tekken, be good at tekken, online sportsbooks in the US, 1xbet, characters, muscle memory, practice, reaction based playstyle
Go and play for ranks!

Play the best forget the rest. This is one of the main fundaments of any competitive gaming. Who is good at Tekken knows this. If you want to be a great football player you are not going to play against kids. You would not play friendly matches all the time either. You need an environment where things have a weight, where the steaks are high and you know that your opponent is doing everything in his power to beat you. And this is the way to see the most popular float charts with each character. This is the way to ascend. If you fall in ranks go back and practice combos and remember the animations coming with them.

Don’t get discouraged by losing a lot – stick with it

The first time, no matter what you are going to lose a lot. This is the way to be good at Tekken. Don’t think about it as something very bad. Play for small things small improvements. First, maybe you will just be able to make a successful combo, but as you build your knowledge, you will see it fruiting in your games. Take pride in your achievements, you learn something in every match. Maybe you have a good sidestep, maybe you have a good punishment.

Be unpredictable

If you have some favorite moves with a character and you are always using them – well a good player will discover this shortly and damn, he is going to punish you badly. Mix up your playstyle. Let’s say you go for the downs for a while then you start to make throws and continue with that style for a while, then suddenly you change to super defensive. Your enemy will be confused to the most. If you do this right maybe they will get that confused that they are just logging out and going to the kitchen to eat something instead of playing with you.

Well, online sportsbooks in the US are never stopping and giving you great chances to watch or to bet on your favorite players. Keep up the good work and stick with your practice. If you like other games as well like CS GO, then check my article about how to improve in CS GO.

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