The Seven Keys Of How To Win Money Betting On Wife Carrying

Posted: January 30, 2020

Updated: March 31, 2020

Growing in popularity year on year a bet on Eukonkanto is not as absurd as it might at first appear. Indeed many fans feel it will be but a few short years till it receives the Olympic nod of approval. This will, therefore, herald an era of being able to wager on this glorious old sport. Online sportsbook sites in Finland like Unibet will offer odds and we’ll all need to know how to win money betting on wife carrying. At the moment, you can only really bet whilst in attendance.

Image Author: U.S. Air Force photo/Cortney Paxton [Public domain]

1. Cultural Faux Pas Avoidance

In this age of #MeToo, a sport involving slinging a lady over one’s shoulders and dashing off may look sexist. It isn’t. Commenting that it might be will win you no friends. One of the rules of the sport is everyone must have fun, some people have fun being competitive. The carried will not appreciate you implying they are somehow just a burden. So, if you want to know how to win money betting on wife carrying, keep that stuff to yourself. You can’t bet on it if you’re ejected.

2. Going The Distance

There is a standard distance. This has been internationally codified and recognized by the numerous nations that now participate. That means all competitors are running over a distance of 253.5 meters. Regardless of where you’re trying to learn how to win money betting on wife carrying it’s all the same. So, be sure to rule out any competitors who appear to flag near the line in the heats. Those who like to bet on sports in Finland will recognize they’ll fail in the final.

3. Overcoming The Obstacles 

Learning how to win money betting on wife carrying is not, however, simply about spotting those with stamina. If only it were so simple. Each course will have three obstacles. Two of these will be dry. The method and manner in which competitors maneuver across these can save or lose them a lot of time. So be very sure to watch their techniques. There will also be a water obstacle of about one meter in depth. The clever and rapid negotiation of this can denote a real winner. It also denotes someone retaining their wife afterward.

4. Carrying It Off In Style

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The Estonian Style – Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Several different carrying styles are employed by competitors. When learning how to win money betting on wife carrying you will need to be familiar with all of them. There’s the traditional piggyback, although that has fallen out of favor. There is also the well-known fireman’s carry often employed. However the most popular is Estonian-style. The lady upside down on the chap’s back, knees on his shoulders, legs around his neck. It’s less insalubrious than it sounds. Promise.

5. Weight Just A Second

Discovering how to win money betting on wife carrying will also depend upon weight assessment. It is not a kind thing to look at a lady and attempt to guess how heavy she is. In this sport it’s vital. The minimum weight is 49kg. If you were Finnish gambling laws on that would be lax, think again. Any “wife” found to be under 49kg is given a rucksack of ballast until she isn’t anymore. Note: They encourage participation. Those touchy about their weight should abstain. No, really, you should.

6. The Equipment

There are, you’ll find as you learn how to win money betting on wife carrying, just two pieces of equipment. One is a belt worn by the carrier, the other a helmet worn by the carried. The belt allows some purchase for the carried upon the carrier. The helmet ensures when the carrier drops the carried a divorce doesn’t ensue. Remember, there’s only so many times you can drop a lady in mud before she flips out. Repeated slips in the heats might negate them as a wager in the final.

7. Other Awards

Moving away from the traditional origins of stealing women, there are other prizes available. Doubtless in years to come online betting sites in Finland like Unibet will be offering odds on them too. Most Entertaining Couple, Best Costume, and Strongest Carrier all get a separate award. One of the ways in which to learn how to win money betting on wife carrying will be spotting these ahead of the judgement. Although that last one does sound like the fattest wife prize

We offer up seven tips for those who want to learn how to win money betting on wife carrying.

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