How To Bet On Cricket For Foreigners New To The Game

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How To Bet On Cricket

So you’d like to know how to bet on Cricket but don’t know a thing about the game. Don’t panic. We’re here to help. Those who are currently a little confused won’t be after reading this handy guide to betting on Test cricket. The complexities and depth of this sport are legendary, so it’s easy to become disorientated. That’s why before you hit up Bet365, one of the best online sportsbook sites in the UK, we should look at the basics and perhaps then delve a little deeper. 

Right. The first thing to understand when learning how to bet on cricket is that no one really understands cricket. Why, in some of the hottest nations on Earth, people should choose to play a game that lasts all day for five days is still a mystery. It’s all very well in the lackluster climes of Britain where rays of sunlight are a rarity. But in India? Pakistan? Australia? Standing outside all day in those conditions is just sheer bloody madness. It is, at it’s very core, a very English game.

Those learning how to bet on Cricket will rapidly discover there is a veritable pantheon of rules to the sport. Indeed, even those who regularly bet on sports in the UK may reel at the sheer number of them. However, on no account try to learn them. You’ll be misinformed. Anyone, especially anyone English, claiming to be able to explain the rules will be lying. Possibly as some sort of practical joke on the unwary. If at any point you believe it’s starting to make sense; Stop.

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Anyone Explaining The Game To You Is Probably Lying

Fortunately, those seeking to know how to bet on Cricket don’t really need to understand the game in such detail. Those attempting to remember which of the bizarrely silly terms correlates to which position on the field should drink less. Or perhaps more. Whatever numbs the pain of having to sit through five whole days of this insanity. Those who insist on checking the Test cricket odds in 2020 have to understand, they’re wagering on crazy people playing a crazy game.

1st Test 2020 Odds

  • West Indies – 16/1
  • Draw – 10/1
  • England – 1/10

Just the basic play-cycle is nuts. Realize, they’re throwing a ball that weighs around 6 ounces with the density of the average rock. It’s not a tennis ball. The reason they wear all that armour is because fast bowlers can make it reach nearly 100mph. Their target, the wicket, is at about the same height as your crotch. Those learning how to bet on cricket at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 must understand; They are attempting to profit off a form of collective psychosis. 

How To Bet On Cricket
Chesterfield, 2018 – Image source: Flickr

Discover How To Bet on Cricket At Bet365

Precisely why no one ever listens when someone stands up and points out how bloody stupid it is, is another mystery. The sport has made some effort. The shortened formats, one day and Twenty20, are far more watchable. Who has five days to watch a single sporting fixture these days? The game may still leave some of those attempting to learn how to bet on Cricket feeling a little uneasy. Don’t. A bet on Test cricket isn’t a crime under UK gambling laws, at least not just yet.

Cricket – A Summary

  • You have two sides, one out in the field and the one in. Each man that’s in the side that’s in goes out, and when he’s out he comes in, and the next man goes in until he’s out. When they are all out the side that’s out comes in and the side that’s been in goes out and tries to get out those coming in. Sometimes you get men still in and not out. When both sides have been in and out, including those not outs, the winner is declared. If there is one. 

The odds on the West Indies in their upcoming Test series in England should interest everyone. They’re currently loitering around the 16/1 mark which sounds awful. However, in this new bio-secure atmosphere, even masterful sides can come a cropper against lesser foes (Right, Liverpool?). Sure, the 1/10 odds on England are a safer wager for those learning how to bet on Cricket, but where’s the fun in that? Just enjoy the game for the spectacle of English insanity it really is.

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For those attempting to learn how to bet on cricket we take a look at the mysteries of the game and why they shouldn’t matter a jot.

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