A Betting Guide – How to Bet on Election And Win


Posted: November 5, 2020

Updated: November 5, 2020

  • Best tips for punters who want to bet on elections
  • What should you pay attention to while betting on the next president?
  • Check all available betting predictions about the upcoming elections

Politics betting is the second-most-popular option at online sportsbooks. Surpassed by sports betting itself, odds on various political events attract punters due to their real-life importance and more or less clear winning probability. Let’s see how to bet on election and politics in general to win money.

The 2020 US Presidential election plot is still thickening, so we decided to talk about such a popular theme as betting on politics. Nowadays, online sportsbooks in the US offer betting odds not only on sport and entertainment events but also on the election and everything related to it. In particular, you can bet on the municipal elections in cities of America, Europe, and Asia, as well as learn the earliest predictions about the forthcoming presidential election. Let’s see which tips will help you to wager money on politicians correctly and benefit from them.

Why bet on politics?

First of all, let’s see why people bet on elections and other political events. If you want to know how to bet on election and win, learning about the reasons is essential. So, why do punters wager money on politics?

One of the reasons is its relevance to everyday life. Unlike sports betting, which is limited mostly by sports fans (to say nothing about entertainment), outcomes of an election affect everyone. For instance, making predictions about the winner of the Mayor elections in Rio 2020 is essential for every citizen who lives in Rio de Janeiro. Sportsbooks are among the main sources of learning about the predictions as they reflect people’s opinion.

how to bet on election
Let’s bet on world news!

In addition, betting on politics is more profitable. Money still matters when it comes to betting and elections of various types are the best possibility to earn some. Why? In sports or celebrity betting the outcome depends mostly on luck as the winner in a football match remains unpredictable in spite of all odds. At the same time, the winner of the election can be guessed with a bigger possibility as there are many more investigations and polls to help you. 

How to bet on election – best tips

As betting on politics has many reasons to be tried, let’s see how to bet on election. Although there are various political events, elections are the most popular among punters at online gambling sites in the US.

To bet on elections to win money, you have to remember basic rules. 

  • Consider polls and media predictions. Although they are not always 100% true, in most cases the one who leads in polls wins. Polls with real-life people’s comments reflect the majority’s opinion about this or that candidate. Surely, there will always be Trump for every Clinton, but it is an exception from the rule.
  • Be careful about betting on your favorite. You don’t always bet on your favorite club to win a football match, do you? Betting on a candidate who seems the best for you may be an outsider, so he won’t help you in making a profit.
  • Bet on the election closer to its date. The less time is left until election day, the more accurate predictions are. 

Political events and election to bet on in 2020-2021

There are numerous elections to choose from at Intertops Sportsbook and other betting sites. To see the ones available for betting now, scroll down!

Australian Federal Election 

You can bet on the Australian Federal Election 2022. The odds are already out, though there are two years ahead.  According to the earliest predictions, the Coalition will win the election (1.66 odds). Their opponents, Australian Labour Party, have 2.20 odds to win.

Next UK Prime Minister

Once you know how to bet on election, go further and choose the next UK Prime Minister. The election is scheduled for 2024, but there are already odds at Intertops Sportsbook. According to them, Keir Starmer will become the next PM. He leads the predictions with 3.25 odds. His closest rival, Rishi Sunak, has 3.50 odds to win.

Rio Mayoral Elections 2020

The 2020 Municipal election in Rio is scheduled for November 15. Citizens will choose their new head and city councilors and you can also support any candidate and benefit from it. Eduardo Peres is expected to win the election with 1.14 odds. He is followed by Marta Rocha with 5.55 odds. To learn more about Rio de Janeiro Mayoral Elections, click here.

how to bet on election
Who are you betting on?

US Presidential election 2020

Elections in the United States are the #1 topic in the world so far. It is unclear whether there will be a tie between Joe Biden and Donald Trump or one of the candidates will win. The 2020 US Presidential election results are still unknown, so bookmakers are getting ready for the next round. If neither Biden nor Trump gets 270 votes, the head of the state will be determined via a contingency procedure established by the 12th Amendment. Intertops, 22Bet, and other sportsbooks have already revealed the odds on these two – don’t hesitate to check them and bet on your next US president.

You can discover more about Intertops Sportsbook here.

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