How to Bet on Football


Posted: October 17, 2015

Updated: October 6, 2017

Anxiety, anger, fear. These are just a few of the many feelings that sports betting can make us feel like. Luckily GamingZion knows how to avoid all this!

• Get a time machine!
• Pay attention to the worst clichés in sports!
• Team performance is more important than individuals

First of all, you need to find out what games will be due during the weekend. After you checked that out, you can start guessing, which matches seem hard to bet on at online gambling sites in the EU. First step, exclude those games immediately, it’s not worth considering thrilling encounters, they will just give you even more tension during the game and trust me, you don’t want to get a heart attack because you wagered on a goalless draw but there is a last minute header by the goalkeeper after a corner… You will need cool head when doing sports betting, and you need to keep your health as well!

But what matches can I bet on?

Manchester United new adidas kit

Don’t make a strategy out of betting against favorites, no matter how tempting the odds

After excluding the unpredictable derbies, you can focus on the obvious ones. Alcorcón – Real Madrid, 1.01 for Real Madrid, perfect choice for sports betting. Oh, MK Dons – Manchester United, another 1.01 for the Red Devils, perfect, put your house and your entire life on games like these… or maybe not, maybe sometimes it’s better to exclude these games as well. For your own good!

We can easily win if we get a time machine

Try to find the balance where it is worth taking the risk, but it does not become impossible (so yeah, never bet on Alconcón or MK Dons humiliating Real Madrid and Man Utd by 4-0, it’s not going to happen anyways…oh wait.) However, if you could predict scores like these, you could easily become a billionaire. For which you can have high hopes in the next few days. As we all know, Marty McFly is coming to visit us soon, all we need to do is steal the DeLorean and go Back to the Future to buy the famous a Sports Almanac and predict all results in the next 50 years.

How to bet on football without having to rely on a time machine?

Biff Back to the Future almanac

Of course if you are SURE, you can go for the big win..

Well, if we fail to steal the time machine, don’t be too depressed, we still have some useful suggestions for you! Try to analyse the odds given by online sportsbooks in the EU and always choose the one with the lower odds, that’s a winning online betting tip! That way you will surely have higher chances of winning… considering only the odds. However, sports betting is not just about placing your bets on the one with lower odds, you always need to consider the previous results as well as injured players or recent forms, among many other factors.

Rely on player analysis

It’s also a good idea to compare every single player of both squads to each other. Which team has better goalkeeper individually? Which team has the best and the worst central defender? Whose striker is as much of a world class player as Nicklas Bendtner, and which squad contains a Cristiano Ronaldo or a Lionel Messi in the team (let me help you with that one: nobody but Barca and Real.)

Individuals don’t win trophies, teams do…

If you’re done analysing every single one of all 22+14 players (together with the substitutes), then you might want to throw out all your collected data and recall one of the most important facts of this game: Football is played by eleven people and it is a team sport for a reason. Do you remember back in the days, when Real Madrid ruled the football world with Zidane, Ronaldo, Figo, Raúl, Beckham and many other of the world’s best players together in one squad? No, I don’t remember either.

…but a great team consists of great individuals

However, each team has its leaders, those players, who are more equals than others. The ones that are the best ones of the team, who are the shiniest stars, the ones who score the most goals and created the most chances. You must pay attention to these kinds of players in each side, because if they are missing due to injury or ban, or are struggling to return to their top form, that could affect the performance of the entire team.

Statistics from the past can predict the future if you listen carefully

2014-2015 Premier League

Look up each team, each key player if necessary

Now if you’re done analysing the injured players and compared the squads of the teams, you can check out all the relevant statistics about the teams. You must read everything about both sides, find out every tiny details about everything in connection with the game. History, previous meetings, previous encounters with that particular referee, matches in that stadium where your match will take place. Literally everything, and try to find the common things that you can connect to the upcoming game that you’d like to bet on.

Never forget that clichés became clichés for a reason!

Got it? Then now you have the prerfect idea on who to place your bets on. From now it becomes easy: Of course you need to throw out every data you collected so far because all it will do to you is make you angry when online sportsbooks happily take away your money after a shocking result which makes no sense at all. Because that’s how it goes sometimes, odds get upset and they can not be explained logically, only with the worst clichés, like „Nobody’s invincible, anyhting can happen in football.” Sentences like these became clichés because they happen more frequently than you would think!

How to really bet on football

To give some actual piece of advice about how to bet on football, it is always useful to see certain patterns. Does the given team have a basic idea about how to improve and which way to continue? Do they have a clear imagination about their own style of football? If you believe the answer is yes, and recent form predicts that your chosen team does have high chances of triumph, then you can trust them and wager on their successes. However, relying on accidents can be benefitial once or twice as in case of the above mentioned examples about MK Dons versus Man Utd or Alcorcón versus Real Madrid, but in the long run…you’ll see, but I wouldn’t plan on making a living out of results like those!

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