How To Bet On Groundhog Day – Phil Is Back Again


Posted: February 1, 2023

Updated: February 1, 2023

  • Groundhog Day betting explained
  • Punxsutawney Phil is still alive in 2023
  • How to bet on Groundhog Day

In this article, we are going to teach you how to bet on Groundhog Day. However, if you do not know what this is all about then don’t worry. We are going to explain everything you need to know about everyone’s favorite Groundhog. You would be surprised, but many people care about the shadow of an animal. Therefore, you can find this betting prop every single year at online gambling sites in the US.

This is an American thing. However, this shouldn’t stop you from trying to participate in the betting event. Therefore, we are going to talk about the most efficient way to place a bet on the conclusion of this event. Because people will give you an obvious answer to the prop. All you need to do is to use your mobile device to bet.

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Learn How To Bet On Groundhog Day

One of the most important things to understand is that the Groundhog is similar to the animals that bring good luck. Therefore, this is just a community thing which is a huge sensation. However, they have almost canceled the event this year. Nonetheless, it was all a false alarm. If you have never heard of Groundhog Day. Then all you need to know is that we are going to bet on a real groundhog.

His name is Punxsutawney Phil and he has a special ability. Therefore, if he walks out of his retirement cave, there are two options in which he can see the world. Either seeing his shadow or not. And this event became a local holiday in Pennsylvania. Phil is probably one of the most celebrities in Punxsutawney.

What Is The Point Of This?

If you are interested in how to bet on Groundhog Day, but still don’t get the concept. Then basically all you need to know is that this event was made to predict the weather. Therefore, Phil is something like a sensation like the animals predicting bets. According to Go Erie, the animal is going to predict the weather for the next six weeks.

Furthermore, the prediction was never really unsatisfactory. Therefore, you could change the name of the bet to Pennsylvania weather betting. Because if it is a sunny day, then it is taken as the fog is coming. However, if it is a foggy day, then we will expect sunny weather to come out.

He Is Fine He Thanks Very Much

Before we talk about how to bet on Groundhog Day. First, we have to clarify; Phill is still alive. There was news about the death of Punxsutawney Phil. Therefore, people have decided to cancel the event in 2023. But we have good news for everyone interested. Because it turns out that it was their cousin of Phil who passed away.

The unfortunate death is still tragic, and he will be remembered. According to Kiii TV, the event will resume and people are going to visit Phil to see whether he will see his shadow or not. Because traditions must be maintained. Furthermore, if the unfortunate passing of Phil ever happens. Then people will probably pick an heir to him. However, some people think he is immortal.

How To Bet On Groundhog Day

We recommend you register at Bovada Sportsbook. Because the odds in this article are their courtesy. However, you have countless more reasons to register. For one, this is the easiest way to learn how to bet on Groundhog Day.

Because they are hosting this bet every single year. Therefore, you are not going to miss out on the upcoming years with your account. Furthermore, you can bet on more than just sports. Therefore, you will be able to see almost all types of sports, eSports, entertainment, politics, televisions, and even custom wagers requested via Twitter. You have to take the following steps once your registration is complete;

  • Go to the landing page by clicking on the Bovada logo.
  • Navigate to the sports section and expand the categories
  • Enter the entertainment category and look for the Groundhog Day
  • Repeat every year
  • Pick yes or no. Purchase your betting slip.

What Are the Odds?

Now that you know how to bet on Groundhog Day, let’s talk about the available odds. According to National Today, the event happens on February 2 every year. However, if you are fast enough you will still be able to place your bet.

If you miss out, don’t worry. You will see Phil at the sportsbook next year too. Keep in mind that if you are from Pennsylvania then you should try to visit the gathering in person. Because it is an extremely funny gathering. And this is probably one of the best holidays.

Will Punxsutawney Phil See His Shadow On Groundhog Day 2023?

  • Yes – 1.37
  • No – 2.80

Concluding How To Bet On Groundhog Day

In conclusion, Phil is a Groundhog who will leave his den tomorrow. And there will be a huge gathering to visit him. Because if he sees his shadow, then cold days are coming. And you can bet on whether the shadow will be seen or not. If the rough weather is going to reach your region too. Then please read how to gamble online during the snowstorm. Furthermore, please register at Bovada Sportsbook to learn how to bet on Groundhog Day. Because Bovada is going to host this bet as long as the holiday exists. And one of the most important details: Yes, Phil is still healthy and alive.

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