How to Bet on Matches in Copa America Group A

Copa America Group A

Chile are favorites to win Group A at the Copa America, while Ecuador should also automatically advance as second placed team.
We gathered all the useful information for you to make the best bets on matches in Group A.

• Chile would score early
• Upset expected from Ecuador
• Bolivia will be hammered

The 44th edition of Copa America, the number one soccer event in the summer, kicks off with the matches of Group A. We put together a guide about what to expect and how to place a wager on games of the quartet regarding both land-based and digital gambling. With host nation Chile referred to this group, these matches will provide the best atmosphere in the Group Stage. Moreover, these games will offer excellent opportunities to bet on soccer games. Though US gambling laws vary from state to state, those who live in a place with legalized sports betting, the Copa America could be the perfect tournament to enjoy wagering on this beautiful game.

Look for early goals in matches featuring Chile

The Copa kicks off with the hosts entertaining Ecuador in Santiago de Chile. Chile, possessing the best squad they ever had, have a real chance to win its first title playing on home soil. Though the pressure from the home fans and the media could be hard to bear at times, the enormous support the players will receive from their supporters could also be a significant boost. Especially for a team that plays such a super-intensive and super-fast football like Chile with pressing, attacking and counterattacking all the time.

Chile national football team
Consider the way they blitz the opponent right from the start and the booming roar from the terraces after possession was gained in the attacking third, and look for early goals at the markets of mobile betting operators. Though all their Group Stage rivals will supposedly start their respective games in a defensive stance, and Chile might get many goals thanks to the constant and unbearable pressure they put on their opponents, they are more than capable of scoring early. Chile played 10 matches since the World Cup and out from the seven games when they were able to score at least one goal, they scored in the first 30 minutes on six occasions.

In the last two matches when they scored, they put one on the board in the first 15 minutes, and this is something that can happen easily against teams intimidated by the fanatic home crowd. Bolivia might be lucky to play their lust group stage game against the hosts, as if Chile got six points from their first two games, El Verde might avoid a heavy defeat. However, if there is an upset in any of the first two games of the hosts, they will almost certainly hammer Bolivia, which calls for any punter to put their money on an early goal.

Mexico selection rearranged the order

The upset mentioned above might be most likely provided by Ecuador in the opener, though it is no coincidence that online sportsbooks in the US rank Chile as strong favorites. Mexico, even playing without their best players, should easily dispatch Bolivia in the first round and that match should also contribute to accumulators to be played early in the tournament. You should also consider backing Mexico with a handicap. El Tri will take on Chile in the second round then in a game that probably would be the toughest in Group A had Mexico named a full-powered squad. However, they will challenge La Roja without half a dozen of their most important players.

Thus, whether the hosts have beaten Ecuador in the opening round or not, they will definitely go for a win, as they will do in every game actually, while Mexico should be happy with one point from that match, especially if Chile defeated Ecuador previously. So, if you follow a conservative approach when placing a wager on this match, put your money on Chile avoiding a defeat. If you go for a slightly bigger prize, your choice would be a victory for Chile and brave players might back them with a handicap.

Mexico national football team
The tightest game of the group might be the last round clash between Mexico and Ecuador, which will almost certainly influence qualification. With Mexico missing their most valuable players, it is hard to estimate the relative strength of the two outfits. Still, this might be a pretty even match that would see the winner advancing to the knockout stage to face Brazil most likely. Depending on previous results, the losing side could also be able to manage a third-place qualification to take on Argentina possibly. A draw would be a likely outcome too, but this game might be pretty much about maths anyway.

During the group stage, never forget to consider ties before you place a bet, as this is soccer after all, a sport with games very often resulting in draws. Regarding the final ranking after the group stage, Chile is the default choice for number one, while Ecuador and Mexico should fight for second place. With Mexico having named a B side virtually, Ecuador, though the odds would indicate otherwise, might finish second, and El Tri could still hope for a third place advance. 

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