Where And How To Bet With Cryptocurrency: Best Sites

  • What are the benefits of using crypto for gambling?
  • Best sites that accept Bitcoin for betting & playing games
how to bet with cryptocurrency
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Using crypto at sportsbooks and gambling sites is not something extraordinary in 2020. There is an option to wager with Bitcoin at most online casinos, while some of them are fully made for crypto users. Let’s see how to bet with cryptocurrency and what gambling sites are better to use for it.

Cryptocurrency belongs to one of the most important gambling innovations in the world. As soon as it entered various online services, its emergence on casino sites became a question of time. Nowadays, there are casinos and gambling sites accepting Bitcoin and allowing withdrawals in this currency. Do you also want to spend bitcoins on casino games? Check how you can gamble and bet with cryptocurrency.

Why and how to bet with cryptocurrency – reasons to try

Gambling with crypto has its own advantages. Before learning how to bet with cryptocurrency, let’s see why you should try it.

  • Firstly, depositing and withdrawing money in Bitcoin goes faster. As crypto is a decentralized digital currency, transferring money from your wallet to the website and vise versa doesn’t take a lot of time. Therefore, cryptocurrency betting saves your time.
  • Crypto is like international cash. It is available in all countries regardless of their local currency. So, you don’t have to change money if you bet or gamble as a tourist at online gambling sites in the US.
  • The usage of Bitcoin at betting sites decreases your fees. The logic is simple – you do not have to pay extra for transactions: neither for deposition nor for withdrawing money. So, everything you win is yours.
  • Bitcoin will soon be one of the major currencies in the world. If you want to stay in tune with technologies, start using crypto now and you will be advanced by the time it conquers the world.

How to bet with cryptocurrency

To start using Bitcoin at online casinos in the US, the first thing you have to do is finding sites that accept it. We will give the list of the best crypto-friendly casinos later, so let’s switch to the second important step, which is finding Bitcoin. Check the best places to buy Bitcoin on the Internet, create a wallet, and get started.

After purchasing Bitcoin & signing up for a casino, choose your payment method. It is usually not necessary at casino sites that deal with crypto-only, but this step is important at other platforms. Once you have an account, deposit money, and start gambling.

To bet or play casino games with cryptocurrency, pick whatever you would like to play and enjoy the process! In the case of winning, the money will be transferred to you within a few minutes.

how to bet with cryptocurrency
Always stay tuned with crypto exchange rates!

Gambling sites & casinos that accept Bitcoin

Now, let’s see what betting sites and casinos accept crypto. One of the best gambling sites is Ignition Casino. It accepts only crypto and dollars, so players from the US or other countries can always switch to “normal” gambling. However, wagering with Bitcoin makes sense as Ignition Casino has no fees for crypto and has a live casino to experience an even more advanced level of playing games.

CyberSpins is another good casino site that allows money withdrawal in cryptocurrency. Although it still has difficulties with wagering in crypto, the casino compensates it with a wide range of games – from roulettes and card games to craps. However, the biggest variety of games available at CyberSpins belongs to slots. There are plenty of slot machines that you can play, from classic slots to the newest 3D games.

Check all online casinos in the US to find more sites that work with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

Click here to visit the Ignition Casino

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