How To Create Your Poker Face Quickly


Posted: April 5, 2022

Updated: April 5, 2022

  • Learn to control your body!
  • The most common telltale signs
  • Check out how to create your poker face!

Sometimes a poker face would come in handy, especially if you play poker. A completely emotionless mask that no one can read is a blessing in disguise. At the poker table, you have to make sure that no one knows how you feel or what you think. Not because you don’t want to jump up and run victory laps around the players when you notice the Royal Flush in your hands, but because others will take advantage of any sign of emotions you couldn’t hide. Poker is about many things, and if you want to succeed, you have to learn how to create your poker face! So yes, sometimes a poker face would come in handy.

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How Do Professional Poker Players Do This

The advice in our how to create your poker face guide comes from pro players, so you better go and get a mirror! The first instruction is always about relaxing and staying calm. The most crucial thing is to learn to keep your cool or, at least, look like it even in a critical situation. You can achieve this by taking deeper breaths, preferably using abdominal breathing. Not just because it’s more intense but because your opponents will look at you with a scrutinizing gaze. Focus on something else, such as your body, breathing, not the problem. 

Don’t forget the wise words of Captain Jack Sparrow: the problem is never the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem. If you are face to face with a poker player, keep in mind that you only need to calm down for a little while, then you can blow off steam. Relax your muscles! In a tense situation, our muscles tend to tense up. Relax them, especially on your face, and feel it go slack. Don’t blink your eyes too much, but don’t close or widen them more than necessary either. Don’t look sideways, up or down or if you do, be discreet about it, at least.

How to create your poker face
Picture Source: Pxfuel

Keep your gaze on the task at hand! Direct your focus where you would have it normally. Be aware of the automatisms like blinking and breathing evenly. This is where the mirror comes in handy. Practice in front of it! In addition to our faces, our posture and body language can also show signs of how we feel. Watch yourself and describe your movements! How do you behave normally, and how if you get excited? Even better if you can ask someone to warn you when you reveal something.

How To Create Your Poker Face

It helps if you write down everything you observe. For example, how you hold your hands, your feet, your posture, whether you have ticks or habits when you are nervous, etc. Nervous habits, like twisting your hair or picking your nails, your legs go a mile a minute, or whether you blink too much or too little. Watch your voice too! Your mouth is something that can give you away. One way or another, you will need to practice this. The mirror is the most simple tool for this, where you can make yourself aware of your normal behavior. Then you will be able to practice and repeat how to create your poker face.

How to create your poker face
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Everyone has things in their life that they don’t want anyone to know about. Some people are naturally better at hiding their feelings. If you are among them, you should try your hand at poker. There is a self-test where you can measure how good you are at secrecy. On a scale of 10 to 50, a score of 10 means that you are easy to read, and a score of 50 means that you could easily win a poker tournament, and you don’t need to learn how to create your poker face. Find the test at online gambling sites in the US

Poker Players – The Masters of Secrecy

At one end of the spectrum are those who are the best at hiding everything; it is probably in their nature. However, for others, keeping their secrets and trying not to think about them at any time of the day is a severe mental strain that will result in physical symptoms in a few minutes. Relax your face and jaw. Stay calm and preserve your poker face by relaxing your facial muscles, so you can’t close your eyes, raise your eyebrows, or smile. Even if you make a barely-there expression, then make it disappear in a flash, these changes can still strain your facial muscles and give your opponents a warning. 

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Use sunglasses to hide your eye movements. If you’re afraid that your eyes will give you away, consider wearing dark sunglasses to preserve your poker face. However, even with sunglasses, try to keep your eyes as still as possible. Eye movement can trigger muscles on the side of your face. Sometimes smiling and behaving confidently, talking to opponents, and showing that you’re relaxed and have nothing to worry about can be just as deceptive as the best poker face. You have to learn how to empty your mind as best as you can to learn how to create your poker face. Master body language. 

Anxious tics, like: cracking the knuckle, chewing nails, and fidgeting, can reveal your emotions, and thus your cards, to your opponents. If that doesn’t work for you, put your hands together, or take a stress ball with you. Record yourself when you practice playing poker. Make sure the game you are playing is real, but, at first, without a bet. It may not trigger stress tics. Place the camera in a location where it is easy to forget to help you relax and display your poker skills. Play the video and look for emotional signs, or ask a friend to guess what cards were in your hand at some point in the video and figure out what made you think the way you did.

How to Create Your Poker Face – Online Poker Face

There are a million ways to play this game, and all of them need to be looked at otherwise, you can’t make a living with it. There are plenty of players in the online rooms, who are timing their bluffs incorrectly. Those who hesitate, usually lose. Waiting too long is a telling sign, especially in online poker.

How to create your poker face
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Always keep in mind that amateur players often act strange, so they do things that are not standard behavior. These players can show cards that you wouldn’t even dare to imagine in your worst or sometimes best dreams. So always be on the lookout and watch for any telltale signs! It is dangerous these days to underestimate your online opponents. Never forget that players’ knowledge, even at lower stakes, is improving day by day, and you will pay for underestimating a player dearly. 

Also, don’t be afraid to throw in good combinations, you can save a lot of money with it. Especially if you can’t see the other players and haven’t picked up on any suspicious hint. Always check the chat. Notice what it means when someone writes too much or too little. It helps to make notes, even of the usernames, so when you play with them in the future, you can look them up in your notes. As you can see, there are so many things to consider when you play poker, not just how to create your poker face, that you better check out every available help. Online poker news sites in the US, like Unibet Pokerhave many articles on the matter. Also, check out our article about the best online poker training sites in 2022!

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