How Can You Bet Online With Your Friends?


Posted: December 17, 2020

Updated: December 17, 2020

  • Make gambling online funnier with friends
  • There are different versions of poker that you can play

Online casinos in the US today open new perspectives for those who wanted to find some ways on how to gamble online with friends.

Therefore, if you loved going to live casinos to get the opportunity to place bets together friends, and socialize, you can do it all online! So, no need to travel long distances to finally reach the casino and start playing. You can play at any time and from any location you want. And there are many different games at online gambling sites in the US that you can start playing together with your friends. Bet on any you like the most!

Below, we are going to share some of the games that you and your friends can enjoy playing together. Check them out!

How to Gamble Online With Friends – Bet on Sports

Sports betting is one of the greatest and simplest ways on how to gamble online with friends! Most of us have an interest in at least one sport. Sports is one of those areas that almost everyone likes. And when you are placing bets on the sports events, it makes it much more exciting! Besides, there are many different sports for betting that you can choose from.

One more amazing thing about sports betting is that you and your friends can enjoy it at any stakes you desire!

So, when you bet your friends you can agree on the terms of the game. Or you can use special software to keep the track of the game.

You can take advantage of betting together by not getting charged vig which makes it possible to save at least some percent on every bet you make. You only need to find those who are willing to place bets for the other game side.

how to gamble online with friends
Let’s bet together!

Find Some Good Poker Playing Friends and Enjoy the Game

Poker is another game that you can pick when thinking about how to gamble online with friends. Arrange the poker nights and invite everyone to play poker online! Alternatively, you can just plan and play from time to time. There are many different poker variants to play including Texas Hold’em, Omaha High Low, 7 Card Stud, etc. Limit, pot limit, or just no-limit games are the ones you can benefit from.

Any stakes that you agree to play together are possible. Whether it is hundreds of dollars or just some penny cash, you can still enjoy playing poker.

The most important here – get some 4-5 friends who know how to play poker online to make a good start. The more people there are, the better. You can bring your favorite food and some drinks. Intertops Poker is one of the best gambling sites to play poker with the best betting odds and online gambling bonuses in the US. Check it out to make your experience more fun!

Enjoy Blackjack With Your Friends!

If you and your friends are looking for the easiest games to play online, then, Blackjack is a great choice for you. Depending on your table size, there can be from two to eight people in a game.

If you choose an option to deal, you will have to have enough money to be able to cover the bets of all of you. But in case the dealer is not able to cover all those bets, then, one of the players might act as a bank in a game.

 What Bets to Choose at Craps?

Craps is one of the most popular games at casinos. This is why it can be one of the best options to choose when thinking about how to gamble online with friends.

There are a few types of bets that you can choose from. But pass line and don’t pass line bets are the best ones to stick to. So, here, how it goes.

In a pass-line bet, you win if the first roll is either a seven or eleven. But you might lose it in case the roll is two, three, or twelve. You can set up a point in case the roll is four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten. Once there is a point set, the shooter is the one who wins. But that’s if the point is rolled again before seven. But if the seven appears before the point, you lose.

Just as the name suggests, don’t pass line bet is just the opposite of the pass line. That is, in case the first roll is two, three, or twelve, you win. If the roll is seven or eleven, you lose. And all the other rules are just the opposite to those of pass bets.

how to gamble online with friends
Will they win?

How to Gamble Online With Friends – Pick Baccarat

One more game to choose if you’re still thinking about how to gamble online with friends is Baccarat!

The game uses a standard deck of cards to play. You place the bets on the player or the banker. YOu can also bet on a tie.

When playing with your friends, you can all bet and then check who got the highest total. This is why Baccarat is somehow similar to Blackjack.

So, the highest score you can get is nine. Your starting hand will consist of two cards. In case you want, you can get one more additional card. Your score uses the digit that stands in one place only. To make it clear, imagine you have 14, the score is 4. Aces are considered 1, 10 goes for tens and face cards. The remaining cards count at their face value.

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