Easiest Casino Games to Play

  • Learn these games to experience the thrill of the online casino
  • Knowing the strategies of the game can increase your payout

Casino- whether it’s on land or online, can be intimidating at times. You see all these professionals from the movies using complex strategies to win thousands. They dress professionally and acts accordingly too. However, casino, especially online casino doesn’t have to be that complicated. Here are the easiest casino games to play for beginners that would help you dip your toe in the world of gamblers.


While this list is not necessarily in any order, we have reserved the first place for the blackjack specifically. Blackjack is considered to be the best and easiest casino games to play for beginners. It’s easy enough for the beginners to learn and has many layers that reveal themselves as your level goes up. The strategies and calculations make the game interesting enough for even the advanced players to keep going. However, in order to enjoy the game, you have to cover only the basics which can be easily done in less than a day. Plus, it has the best odd of winning with the house having only 1 percent edge.


Roulette has gained its right to be in the beginner friendly games fair and square. You just choose your number or a color, and see what the dealer spins. The fact that you’re playing against the house instead of the professional players is always a plus. If you want to go safe, just stick to choosing one color- red and black for several rounds. Eventually your color will come up, and you’ll double your bet. Or if you’re feeling little adventurous choose your favorite number which will give you 36-1 payout if you’re lucky.

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Slot machines at a casino – Image via Pixabay

Slot machines

It’s safe to say that almost all of the online gambling sites in the UK have a slot machine option. Slot machines are probably the easiest casino game to play for beginners. The procedure couldn’t possibly be simpler and the bets don’t go up dangerously high. Obviously the dollar games have a higher payout rate than the cent ones.

While it may seem intimidating at first, you only need two or three games to master crap. Now, this is one of the few games that is the best to play in the real casino. However, betway casino offers online version of the game with the most realistic game experience. If you learn the basic rules of the crap, you’ll see why this is one of the easiest casino games to play for the beginners. Also the odds of you walking out with the winning in your pocket is pretty high compared to the other games.

You can discover more about Betway Casino here.

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