How to Make Money Like Kanye West

  • Kanye West one of the most wealthy celebrities of show business
  • In this article, we will talk about how to make money like Kanye West
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How to Make Money Like Kanye West

Passion for design, insane ideas, and attention to small things – all this made Kanye West one of the most wealthy celebrities of show business. And the musician does not intend to dwell on this achievement. In this article, we will talk about how to make money like Kanye West.

How Kanye became famous

The passion of West to design originated with his love for music. He was born in Atlanta and grew up in Chicago. While studying at school, he often fell into trouble, because he was drawing sneakers during the lessons. When the mother of West, a teacher in college, took him to the Japanese cyberpunk film “Akira”, he found inspiration in the forms and color of the film. Kanye remembers how his father, a former member of the Black Panther organization, drove him to a taller, where he fell in love with a Lamborghini Countach. “A little bit from Lamborghini is in everything I do,” West says. – Yeezy is the Lamborghini shoe world. ”

West’s meticulously served him good service in his musical career. Indeed, it began when he dropped out of college and became a producer on the Roc-A-Fella Records label, belonging to Jay-Z. The cult album Jay-Z 2001 The Blueprint is his brainchild. When two and a half years later, West began a solo career, he created something outside the borders of the genre. Moreover, in his early works, there were many samples of Marvin Gay and Daft Punk. Besides, West was recorded with Coldplay and drove into tours with U2.

How to Make Money Like Kanye West
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In the background of aggressive materialism of leading rappers of that time, Kanye was different. Indeed, he was more vulnerable. Instead of stories about trafficking drugs and street fights, West talked about racial inequality and work in the GAP, which was interspersed with a witty attitude. If you have no talent for creating music, you still can learn how to make money like Kanye West. Visit one of the online sportsbook sites in the USA. Besides, you can check the latest Kanye West Special Odds.

How to make money like Kanye West: The birth of Yeezy

Glory allowed Kanya to return to his first love: sneakers. In 2007, he developed a pair of shoes for the Japanese clothing manufacturer Bathing Ape. On the shoes of West was the Logo of Teddy Bears, which appears on the covers of some of his early albums. Find a couple of such sneakers – and you will become richer for several thousand dollars. However, It was only the beginning. West surrounded himself with friends from the fashion industry, such as Edyman. The latter worked as a creative director in Dior Homme and Yves Saint Laurent. “You will do something really powerful in the field of shoes,” the designer said. Such support gave West confidence. But some start wondering: Is Kanye West Gay?

Anyway, it was this confidence that helped him while being with the general director of Nike Mike Parker on the neighboring chairs on the plane. Kanye just pulled out his notebook. In this way, the brand of Yeezy was born. West says that Parker introduced him to the AIR Jordan designer Tinker Hatfield. Thus, by mid-2008 West went on stage in the prototypes of his own Air Yeezy. The final product was released in 2009. The hip-hop industry collaborated with the manufacturers of shoes almost from the birth of the genre. Let’s recall collaborations with Adidas in the mid-1980s or Reebok’s sneakers from Jay-Z and 50 CENT twenty years later. However, West was the first to work with Nike at the level of the NBA star. And if you want to make money while having fun, just visit the Ignition Casino.

Steve Jobs’ fan

West mostly concentrated on the details of the sneakers. He bowed before Steve Jobs and prefers to produce shoes limited series with an infinite set of color solutions. Thus, the iPod in the world of West: the famous Yeezy Boost 350s with a massive sole. Indeed, they exist in different variations and make up most of the sales of Yeezy. “In my soul, I am a people’s person,” says West. – How to create products that will bring huge joy to people and solve their life problems – that’s what I love to do.” And it works. Forbes estimates Kanye’s income before tax over the past 12 months of $ 150 million (mainly from the shoe sales). However, the West team insists that the amount should be even more, partly due to the collection of Yeezy’s clothing. And this is how to make money like Kanye West.

How to make money like Kanye West: From Nike to Adidas

West’s career was full of eccentric actions. However, Kanya managed to send his energy in the right direction, especially in what sneakers concerned. When Nike sales began to grow, especially after the arrival of Air Yeezy II in 2012, West felt that the company would draw it with another boring celebrity. “It was the first sneaker model that became the same popular as Air Jordan, and I wanted more,” says West. “But at that time Nike refused to pay royalties with the sales of shoes.” Indeed, West always insisted on remaining the brand owner. Later, when the top managers of Adidas learned about the dissatisfaction of West, they invited him to Germany.

With the support of Scooter Brown, who was one of Kanye’s managers, they achieved unprecedented terms of the transaction. Indeed, we are talking about 15% of royalties from wholesale sales, according to sources familiar with the transaction, as well as the marketing fee. For comparison: Michael Jordan is believed to receive a royalty of about 5%, although he does not own a brand. In 2015, West debuted with the first collection of clothes and shoe Yeezy Season. Next year he used the success of a new album to arrange a party in honor of the exit and sneakers, and songs in Madison Square Garden.

Meanwhile, his greatest achievement is model 350. Combining its designer flair with Adidas Boost technology, West has made sports shoes with part of high fashion. It returned the popularity of low-top sneakers. Aggressive design model 350 seems to pull forward, challenging any opponents, unexpectedly attracting many people who are ready to put $ 200 for a couple of sneakers for running. Adidas never published Yeezy’s financial indicators. However, in 2016 the West volunteered that 40,000 pairs of sneakers had gone for counting minutes.

(Un) Successful marriage

How to Make Money Like Kanye West
Kanye – Tyler Curtis from Chicago, Illinois, United States, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

West’s wife Kim Kardashian also helped Kanye together with her relatives to get access to hundreds of millions of subscribers. This partnership is mutually beneficial but the couple is getting ready for a divorce. Previously, Kardashian learned her husband’s opinion about all her projects: from the mobile game Kim Kardashian: Hollywood until the recent collection of weighting linen. When she brought him an outline of the latter, West was not too impressed. He sat down and drew a new logo, and then personally processed the packaging design.

In any case, the tips of West concern not only the creative side. “He taught me to never agree to compromises and truly declare himself,” says Kardashian. Besides, she occupied 26th place in the ranking of a hundred richest celebrities. Taking into account their intense schedule, Kardashian and West often exchanged ideas during the period that he calls the “time of comprehensive confessions before bed”. That was when she was watching detectives, and he showed her sketches. And now online gambling sites in the US are wondering what Kim Kardashian Next Boyfriend Odds are.

To sum it up: How to make money like Kanye West

According to Bloomberg, the income of Kanye West exceeded 6.6 billion dollars (500% more than last year), which makes him one of the richest celebrities in the history of the United States. The income of the artist rose through a transaction with two brands of clothing. Indeed, the company West for the sale of clothing and sneakers Yeezy has concluded an agreement with Adidas companies and the GAP company. The cost of it is around $ 3.2 – 4.7 billion. Also, the future joint collection of Yeezy and Gap is going to be $ 970 million. However, let’s recall that in mid-February of 2021 Kim Kardashian filed documents for a divorce with Kanye West after seven years of marriage. Moreover, recently it became known how ex-beloved will share real estate. Therefore, learn How to Bet on Celebrity Divorces 2021 or visit the Ignition Casino. Making money can be fun!

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