How to Play Daily Fantasy Sports in Europe

Posted: June 22, 2016

Updated: October 6, 2017

Daily fantasy sports in Europe are slowly beginning to gain popularity, but many people are still unaware of how to play. This article will help explain.

When daily fantasy sports were created in 2007, they acted as a loophole for gamblers to sneak around gambling laws. After the 2006 Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act was passed, the online casino industry in the US was essentially destroyed. Internet DFS websites were soon created as a means to bet on sports through skill, not chance.

Today, daily fantasy sports is a multi-billion dollar industry that has attracted million of Americans. Over the past several years, daily fantasy sports in Europe have become more popular, and a number of great DFS websites now accept European players. Here is some information on how to play.

Signing Up

If you are familiar with online sportsbooks in the EU, you should have no problems signing up for a DFS site. In most cases, you need to provide your name, email, and country first. As long as the DFS site you are attempting to join accepts your country, you can proceed. Next, you will likely need to create a username (something you should remember) and password. In the case of Mondogoal they will also ask you to choose the currency you want to be paid in.

Topbetta page

Most DFS sites make it easy to sign up (photo: TopBetta)

And it’s really that simple. Once you have your username and password set, you are almost ready to start playing! Almost. The next step will be to set up your payment method. Don’t worry, this is easier than it sounds. Most websites offering daily fantasy sports in Europe have an easy way to set this up. An Add Funds tab is common. Like any other betting website, you need to provide some type of bank card or account, proof of address and date of birth, and then it’s off to the races!

So to sum it up, you first provide your basic information, country of residence, and username. Next you will need to set up a payment method, and then you’re good to go. Each website may have their own procedures, but chances are this process will be basically the same with all DFS sites.

How Do I Start Playing?

Luckily for DFS fans, most websites operate in the same way. Once you have joined the online daily fantasy sport site you like, you can begin to search for contests that interest you. Many websites that offer daily fantasy sports in Europe such as TopBetta offer DFS contests for a wide range of sports including football, rugby, cricket, and boxing.

Mondogoal contests

Mondogoal offers a wide range of DFS contests to choose from (photo:

So you know which daily fantasy sport you want to play? Great. Now find the contest that is right for you. In many cases, beginner DFS contests will be available. These generally have very low entry fees, and are a great way to get familiar with how DFS works.

So let’s assume you want to play DFS football, and you are looking to put money on players in the Euro 2016. A number of contests will be available for you to choose from. For beginners, it’s best to choose a contest with a low entry fee, unless you’re feeling lucky, in which case you can bet what your heart desires. So how do you play once you’re in a contest?

How to Choose Players

Daily fantasy sports in Europe is often considered a game of skill because it requires some kind of knowledge about the sport you are betting on. It works like this. Choose the players you feel will be most beneficial in your contests. In football, for instance, you will need to choose a lineup.

Mondogoal football

Choosing a daily fantasy team is easy and fun! (photo:

You are given a set amount of “money” used to recruit players onto your team. Naturally, the better the player, the more “expensive” he will be to recruit to your daily fantasy team. Christiano Ronaldo, for instance, will cost much more than Rafa Silva. Once you have used up all of your money, your team is complete.

In some cases, you will only be able to choose a certain amount of players. This is where the skill comes in. You may decide to recruit 5 average players to your team, or 3 exceptional ones. You need to determine who you feel will be most beneficial to the team.

How Do I Win Money Playing DFS?

Okay, so you’ve entered your first DFS contest and you came in 1st place. Great! It’s time to cash out. The money you win from your contest will automatically be put into your DFS website’s account. If you are playing Mondogoal, you will see your money in the Balance tab at the top right of the screen.

DFS contests

Withdraw your money or save it for future DFS contests! (photo:

Once you have the money in your account, it’s up to you whether to withdraw the money into your bank, or keep it in the DFS account to play more contests. Bank withdraws will generally take a few days to process, but it’s an extremely simple procedure. The more money in your DFS account, the bigger the contests you can join, and the more money you are capable of winning!

So let’s recap. Signing up is easy. Just provide your basic info and you’re in! Add a payment method and you can immediately start playing DFS. Now choose the sport you want. Football? No problem. Boxing? Great! Join a contest and draft your fantasy team using the “money” that is provided. If you win, it’s up to you to withdraw the money, or keep it in your DFS site for future contests.

It seems inevitable that online daily fantasy sports in Europe will become extremely popular. It is truly one of the most exciting forms of sports wagering, and offers players great chances to win cash and learn more about their favorite sports.

Any more questions? Leave your comments below, and make sure to check out GamingZion’s DFS homepage to learn more about what internet daily fantasy sports sites are available in your country!

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