How To Play Red Dog at Online Casinos


Posted: January 19, 2021

Updated: January 19, 2021

  • What is Red Dog and how to play it?
  • Everything about the game explained

In a new year, gamblers usually look for new challenges. If you also want to have a new gambling experience, learn how to play Red Dog. Read our gambling guide with the simplest rules, tips, and casinos to play at.

Tired of classic casino games like poker and craps? Try out one of the best games of chance at online gambling sites in China. It is called Red Dog and it is easily played with cards for real money. Learn more about this exotic gambling game in our guide!

What is Red Dog?

If your knowledge about the Red Dog game is limited, don’t worry – we will explain to you all the rules, objects, and winning tips. So, what should you know about the game before playing it for real cash?

Red Dog is a game of luck. It is a popular party game that isn’t too widespread at casino sites (with a few exceptions though). To play Red Dog either offline or online, you need a standard deck of cards and chips. The object of the game is to collect as many chips as possible by the end of the game.

how to play Red Dog
Let’s play!

How to play Red Dog?

Rules of Red Dog aren’t too difficult to memorize. As we have mentioned above, you need a deck of cards and chips. Also, there should be more than 2 players to start the game, while their maximum number is unlimited. Usually, the offline game requires 2-6 players. Two players are enough to start the game at online casinos in China.

Before the game starts, each player receives chips. Then, each player gives one chip to the pot. Then, each player is dealt one face-up card and the player with the highest one starts the game. Prior to this, each player gets five more cards face-down.

The game starts. The first player looks at his cards and makes any bet to the pot (if not, he loses one chip automatically). Also, a bet shouldn’t exceed the total number of chips that already are in the pot. Once the bet is made, the dealer shows the top card from the remaining deck. If the player has a card of the same suit and of the higher rank, he shows it and takes back his bet x2. If he doesn’t, he must show the whole hand and his bet is not refunded. The game starts again until one of the players collects the most chips from the pot.

Online casinos to play the game

Playing Red Dog at online casinos is somewhat different from playing it offline. The rules are similar with a few exceptions. Thus, gamblers are dealt three cards instead of five with two of them faced-up. As the online game requires only two players – the player and the dealer – the gaming process is a bit simpler. Here, the player’s 1st and 3rd cards have to beat each other rather than the dealer’s top card. If you are still wondering how to play Red Dog online, don’t hesitate to check the rules at a casino.

1xBet Casino is the best place to play Red Dog for real cash. You can find the game in the 1xGames section and wager up to 280 euros per game. Rules, terms, and conditions as well as progressive jackpots are also available at 1xBet.

You can discover more about 1xBet Casino here.

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