Learn How To Play Thimbles Online For Real Money


Posted: September 10, 2020

Updated: April 16, 2021

  • Play Thimbles online for real money!
  • Rules of the game at 22Bet Casino are easy to learn
  • You can bet from 0.01 and win thousands if your intuition is strong

Funny games from our childhood keep occupying gambling sites. Today, we will tell you how to play Thimbles online and earn real money from this game for attention. Read about useful tips & tricks as well as casinos to play Thimbles under the best conditions.

Easy and entertaining games from our childhood are a new trend at online gambling sites in China. There are already many familiar games to play for real money – Surer Mario, Wheel of Fortune, Rock-Paper-Scissors… Apart from them, Thimbles has also reached online casinos, so let’s see how to play this game and win.

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What is Thimbles?

If you don’t know what Thimbles (or Shell game) is, here is a brief explanation of the game rules. It is a simple game that is quite popular in real life, but also available at online casinos in China. Thimbles is played with 3 thimbles, cups, or any other vessel-shaped object. One of the thimbles hides a small ball under itself, and the player’s task is to guess where it is. To trick the player, the host usually shuffles and thimbles very quickly to make the task a bit more difficult, especially if the participant saw where the ball has been put.

how to play Thimbles online
Let’s play!

In some countries, the game of Thimbles is played without cups or bowls but with cards. In this case, the player is expected to guess what card differs from two others by its suit. However, Thimbles from EvoPlay is available in its traditional form, so let’s see how to play it for real money online.

Where and how to play Thimbles online?

One of the best versions of classic Thimbles is available at 22Bet Casino. The casino & sportsbook offers very simple rules to learn how to play Thimbles online. Here are step-by-step instructions:

  • Find the Thimbles game in the 22Game section at 22Bet Casino;
  • Before starting the game, choose the game mode and a thimble you will bet on;
  • Place a bet on the thimble that you think hides a ball underneath. The bet can vary from 0.01 to 1000 in your local currency;
  • Once you wager, click on the thimble you have chosen. If it has a ball, your winnings will be multiplied by x2.88 (or x1.44 if you bet on two balls).
  • Your history of bets and winnings will be on your right, so you can see all the moves you have made and evaluate when to stop. Enjoy!

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You can discover more about 22Bet Casino here. 

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