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Posted: April 21, 2022

Updated: April 21, 2022

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If you don’t know how to prepare for WSOP, then we got you covered. We collected the opinions of experienced poker players and mediums. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about messing anything up. Despite the highly prestigious rewards, most of the players are joining for the experience. If you are one of the few ambitious players who want to receive a bracelet. Then you should follow this article. Because when the WSOP begins, you will want to join the table with a clean head, and confidence. According to WSOP, they are going to host the usual dealer’s tournament and several other non-bracelet tournaments. Therefore, you will have a chance to watch broadcasts to get yourself situated. They even raised the poker dealer’s salaries to honor their employees and to ensure top quality and security. 

What is WSOP?

If you love poker, but you haven’t heard about WSOP yet, then you should learn everything you know about it. Because the 2022 WSOP is going to become the greatest poker event of the century. WSOP is short for the World Series of Poker. It is a chain event of poker tournaments of different types. Few of these tournaments may reward the winner with a high-value token of prestige. This is the WSOP bracelet with an expensive craft and design. Whoever has one of these bracelets, may participate in the final tournament. Wearing this bracelet makes you one of the best poker players of all time.

How To Prepare For WSOP – Your First WSOP Table

If this is going to be the first time you participate in a WSOP event. Then you should start to think about how to prepare for WSOP. Because if you go there with anxiety, then you will quickly fall out with your experienced opponents. Therefore, your main goal here is to chill out, and don’t stress too much. You also shouldn’t try to start innovating poker strategies. Because that project would just make you overthink poker and sit at the table with uncertainty.


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If you are going to lose, then you are going to lose. Enjoy the experience, and don’t get upset if you are out. We have articles teaching you how to handle losing streaks. Furthermore, we also have articles written about poker rules, strategies, and player archetypes. If you wish to be a master of poker, read poker strategy books instead of trying to make a new strategy for yourself.

What you shouldn’t do

According to Red Chip Poker, the key to top your skills at WSOP lies in your sleep schedule. Therefore, you should start setting yourself a clock. Maybe even try to see the timezone of the place the event is held at. Because you want to adjust yourself to the sleeping schedule of that time zone. Therefore, you shouldn’t stay up all night this month. Avoid binging video games and movies up until three A.M. Make sure to not only feel but look good as well. Another important part is to drop magical thinking. Don’t try to wish for luck, or believe in your lucky numbers. Instead, try to make the best out of your hand every time you can. Do your best until you either win or leave.

Health Is Top Priority

One of the essentials about how to prepare for WSOP is to stay healthy. Never prioritize the game over your health, especially if you are in a crowded poker tournament. Make sure to always eat, and go to the toilet as frequently as you can. Always hydrate yourself.

How To Prepare For WSOP
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Do not be afraid to visit one of the fancy casino restaurants around the event. And if you are worried about the price, you can also just look for some local restaurants. Try to not eat too much fast food and minimize alcohol consumption. While drinking whiskey for poker feels fancy, in actuality it makes your focus and awareness worse. Because it makes your poker face much more readable. This time, try to not consume too much caffeine either. If you love coffee, then have a strong one in the morning, instead of a lot during the day.

How To Prepare For WSOP

According to Conscious Poker, another important part is to have a strategy. To understand how to prepare for WSOP, instead of theory crafting, select a great strategy. Lay back and listen to the best twitch casino streamers or podcasts. Because listening to the opinions of experienced professionals is never going to harm. And in the meantime, you still get to relax instead of hard focusing on the upcoming days. You will do yourself a favor by not focusing on poker before WSOP.

Exercise and Wellness – How To Prepare For WSOP

If you want to know how to prepare for WSOP, then simply don’t prepare with it in mind. Instead, find ways to clear your mind and keep your body fit. Do daily jogs and exercise.

How To Prepare For WSOP
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Have some yoga or meditation. Because if you are focusing on your breath, it can clear your mind from anxiety, and it can help release excess stress. However, meditation is not going to physically affect you. This is why exercise is one of the best things to do. Visiting a thermal bath or bathhouse, or a wellness center, and getting a massage would also do you good. If you feel good in your body, then you will have the energy to focus on the cards and the game. Do something that helps you relax, and try to stay away from dopamine overdoses. Don’t listen to too loud music with heavy bass, for example.

Practice At Online Casinos

Another thing you could do is just relax and play at online casinos. It would help you relax, and perhaps even get some more knowledge and experience before jumping into a WSOP tournament. One of the best places to visit for top-quality, realistic poker and casino games is Ignition Casino. Spend a few hours weekly, and try to treat these online games with a light head, so you won’t take away from your headspace. The ultimate last advice about how to prepare for WSOP would be to manage your bankroll. Never go out of your way to risk something nearly impossible. Always know when to quit, and don’t leave the tournament place with empty pockets.

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