How to Trace Lottery Winner – New and Tasty Way in the UK

  • Someone in the UK just won 1 million fonts and not claimed it
  • The National Lottery found out how to trace lottery winner
  • They are acting together with Backyard Brewhouse
How to Trace Lottery Winner

It can be surprising for many, but there are millions of fonts out there in the United Kingdom waiting to be collected by their winners. It is hard to say why someone is not showing up for their huge amounts of cash, and it is especially true in this case. Someone won the one million font prize on The National Lottery and have not asked for it yet. But the establishment just came up with the brightest idea. They might have cooked up how to trace the lottery winner.

According to the Mirror, more than 9.4 million fonts will be lost in National Lottery prizes in the first months of 2021, unless the winners claim them. This is such a huge amount! So, for those who played land-based or online lottery sites in the UK: double-check all your tickets! It is quite a small sacrifice to make to win a buttload of money, are we right? Have you been passing your time on Lotto Agent? Well, then you should go and check all the drawers and containers around the house and hope to find a surprise! Or maybe The National Lottery’s genius way in how to trace lottery winner will get to you.

Playing lottery in the UK

According to the Gambling Commission playing the lottery in the UK is legal under the specified circumstances. “Lotteries are illegal unless they fall into one of the categories specifically permitted by law. Apart from the National Lottery (which has its own dedicated legislation), the relevant law is contained in the Gambling Act 2005 (the Act). The Act creates eight categories of a permitted lottery. Three of these categories (small and large society lotteries and local authority lotteries) require either a license from the Gambling Commission (the Commission) or registration with a licensing authority. Advice on these can be found in a separate document called Promoting society and local authority lotteries.” The incidental lotteries, private lotteries, and customer lotteries do not require licenses or registration.

How to Trace Lottery Winner
What’s your lucky number?

Claim your prizes!

As mentioned above, there are millions of fonts lingering in the UK, because their winners did not go for them. There are 10 big prizes, such as Lotto, Thunderball, and EuroMillions. If the players will not come forward to collect these prizes within 180 days of the draw date, they will expire and gamblers lose their money. In this case, the amount will benefit National Lottery Projects across the UK. But the National Lottery is not giving up on their winners that easily! Especially on this one, who is about to win one million fonts. They believe that the lucky person purchased the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker ticket in Walsall, in September 2020. But if they will not claim the prize until March 17, the ticket will expire. So, it was high time to find out how to trace down the lottery winner.

How to trace down lottery winner?

The National Lottery came up with the brightest idea. They asked Backyard Brewhouse, based in Walsall to help them out by producing a special, limited-edition beer. The blond ale got the name: Just The Ticket. And they hope it will make people more aware of their potential wins. The beer will be on sale from March 1st. Hopefully, seeing the beer will jog the winner’s memory. “This is just a fun and safe way of getting that message out there during the current situation, whilst helping in some small way to support a local independent business (…).” – said senior winners adviser, Andy Carter. And if right now you wish you had taken your chances as well, you can always do it. Online gambling sites in the UK, like Lotto Agent, will be at your service. Just do not forget to collect your prizes!

You can discover more about Lotto Agent here.

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