How To Use The Martingale Strategy?


Posted: March 25, 2023

Updated: March 25, 2023

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There are several strategies we can apply during a gambling game. Their efficiency work with varying results. However, since gambling is a game of chance, people experiment with luck and their odds. One of those strategies is the Martingale method, where gamblers keep increasing their bets after every loss. Scroll down for a closer look at the Martingale strategy!

You should know in advance that you can use this method not only for gambling but also for sports betting. In this article, we will list the characteristics of the Martingale betting method, considered by some as a crazy strategy, as it’s quite risky. Experienced bettors and gamblers have probably heard of it, but if you are a newbie when it comes to Martingale, you should read the article to know what to expect.

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Martingale Strategy 101

First and foremost, let’s learn the basics! If you have heard about this method, it was most likely in connection with roulette. However, the Martingale method in roulette is risky! There are not only red and black colors, even and odd numbers on the wheel that you can bet on, but also zero and even double zero on the American wheel, so the options are plentiful. In the short term, you can win a prize, but in the long term, you may lose much more than you manage to win.

The essence of the Martingale method is that the player continuously doubles their bets in order to make up for their previous losses. It first appeared in France, then spread throughout Europe and became more and more widely known. Experienced players do not refer to it by that name but as a crazy strategy. Its predecessor is the well-known coin toss game, heads or tails, where you can bet on two outcomes having the same probability. If you always bet on heads, your guess will become true sooner or later.

Martingale strategy
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The point of the Martingale method is that if the player loses with their first bet, they double the bet until they win again. If you think about it, this also works well for a head or tail game. After all, if you bet on heads every single time, based on the law of large numbers, it must happen sooner or later. However, even in this case, the player wins only as much as they would have if their first bet had already been successful. 

Let’s See an Example!

Let’s say that you place $10 on the head. In the case of a correct tip, you get your money back. If your guess is wrong, you will lose the money. You double the bet a second time, and the wager will grow to $20 on the head. The same rules apply: if your prediction becomes correct, you have $40. If we subtract the $10 wagered in the first round and the $20 in the second round, you actually won the same amount as if you had guessed right after your first bet, which is always the case.

No matter how many times you double your bet in a row, your winnings will always be the same as if you guessed correctly on your first bet. In the example above, the guess was successful during the second bet, so the Martingale strategy worked.

Martingale strategy
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However, it is possible that you won’t win until after ten or more wagers. So, since the bet keeps rising, it doubles each time, and you will need more and more money. 

After a long losing streak, your money may run out, and the game ends with a huge loss. After all, there is a reason that it is referred to as a crazy gamble! It is pretty risky to double the bet after every failed attempt and play until you finally win to bring enough profit to cover the amount of your loss and even win some money.

Actually, this method would only work perfectly, if there was no time limit and you had an infinite amount of money. However, in the short term, it works. You can test the theory at 20bet Casino, and for a little inspiration, check out the biggest roulette winners of all time!

Martingale in Sports Betting!

American sports are usually recommended for beginner Martingale sports bettors. Since there are trends in the American leagues that can help with succeeding with this method. For example, in the MLB playoffs, the home team playing in their own stadium rarely has to leave. The same goes for the NBA. So bet on the home team in the first match. If it doesn’t work, go with a double bet for the second, and so on. Most likely, the home team will win sooner or later.

In addition to American sports, tennis is also a suitable sport for Martingale sports betting. Since the group of players who can win a major tournament, like Nadal or Djokovic, is small, you should select a less-known name from the main board.

Martingale strategy
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Someone who has never reached the finals, even in big championships, and start betting against them. There is a high chance that they will lose at some point during the tournament. So if you have kept doubling all the way through, you have a real chance of making a profit.

If you are a beginner bettor and your finances are tight, choose the micro Martingale sports betting strategy. You make your first wager with a minimum bet so you can stay in the game with doublings for a few rounds until you make it to the winning match. It is very crucial to use the Martingale method wisely.

Take into account that your money may run out sooner or later, as well as that the bookmakers maximize the betting amounts you can place. It’s crucial! So even if you double the bet continuously, and if your guess does not work out for a long time, it may happen that you reach the level where you can no longer increase your bet, and they won’t accept any more of your money.

How to Use This Method in Online Sports Betting?

As we mentioned, the point of the Martingale strategy is that in case of a losing wager, you have to bet twice the previous amount. Of course, there are some small things that you should definitely consider before you start placing bets using this method. One cannot double the stakes indefinitely. You have to take into account your own financial limits and, of course, also the amount of the maximum bet for the outcome of a given sports event at the given bookmaker.

Martingale strategy
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For Martingale sports betting, it is worth choosing a sport that also has a 1X2 market. For example, in football, where you can usually place bets on draws for over 2.00 odds. According to online casino sites in Germany, there are football leagues in the European second division, where the rate of draws is close to 33%, so mathematically, every third Martingale bet can win. It is essential that you read the betting rules of the given online bookmaker before you start using the Martingale method, and determine your base bet based on them.

Applying the Martingale Strategy in the Casinos

Among the casino games, Martingale is the method most suitable for all roulette types. The roulette strategy is logical and easy to understand. You can bet on the color red or black, even or odd numbers, etc. After each loss, you double the bet, and if you win after a round, your losses up to that point are covered.

So you win back the initial amount, with which you can play again. Experienced roulette players do not prefer the Martingale method, and it is not even typical for them to use it. 

They are aware that in the short term, you can get a small prize. Though, it is a risky strategy in the long term, as the amount you lose exceeds the amount you could win. The money is not available indefinitely, and it will run out.

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However, if you don’t even get to that point, you may still end the game with a loss. Since even if you still have money available, after a while, the betting limits do not allow you to continue the game. If you still want to try online roulette using the Martingale method, start with a small amount. Place the minimum limit they allow by the table, and you must double it during the following spins.

If you win, you get back the losses from previous spins. As long as you lose, you have to double your bet. If you win, you restart the games with the smallest amount. Even if you win, the winnings are small, but the amounts lost are much larger. So before you start a game at 20bet Casino, cook up an A, B, and even C plan in case you lose in the first round so you won’t make rash decisions. Before placing a bet, check out the worst roulette numbers!

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