Worst Roulette Numbers – Coldest Numbers To Avoid


Posted: March 22, 2023

Updated: March 22, 2023

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We dedicate this article to collecting the worst roulette numbers for you. However, we are going to get into gambling philosophy too. We will debate what makes numbers good or bad, and how to treat cold numbers just as carefully as you can trust hot numbers. Furthermore, we will talk about data analysis and the illusion of random results while playing online games. Keep in mind that no numbers are going to ever remain unrolled.

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In this article, we are going to discover the worst roulette numbers in existence. Therefore, these are the numbers you should avoid at online casino sites in the US. Keep in mind that this is roulette. Which means that all numbers are going to score eventually. However, these are the numbers that are the least likely to hit. The reason why I highlight this is due to the real facts of math.

Because a low-frequency rate has nothing to do with an actual objective result. For example, the number 92134 might have a 0,1% chance to appear if I generate a number between 1 and 100000. However, every other number has a 0,1%-0,125% chance. Which makes no competition behind. Yet, we can still detect obvious flaws in the system that generates RNG results. Maybe this is the last decade where this flaw can be used for advantage.

What Makes The Worst Roulette Numbers?

So what makes a number the worst? Of course, the fact that you can’t win with it. You only gamble to win money. Otherwise, you would play something more interesting. Such as trading card games. I believe that the worst numbers come from a place of low frequency. This means that the number is not only the lowest possible result at roulette. But they are also the low frequency at all roulette types.

Worst roulette numbers
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Sure, maybe you will win some cash with these rare numbers. You might go to play roulette and avoid a number that could have won millions for you. The probability is still there. However, if you keep using the same number over and over again? You will not win too many times. 

Results From Data Analysis

Before we start to debate the worst roulette numbers. Let me talk about general data analysis. This word sounds intimidating to people who dislike math. However, there is one rule to always remember for all gamblers. Computers are only creating an illusion for us. This sounds like a conspiracy theory, but in reality, it is how it works. For example, they gave a rule to RNG, only so it gives us the illusion that the result is more random than it is.

Humans work in interesting ways. For example, we have ChatGPT which can browse any information for us. It sounds like we are in a sci-fi movie. But in reality, we can’t even make a computer generate real randomness. According to Quora, two years ago the RNG had obvious spikes at multiples of 10. And we are trying to hide the spike, not remove the spike.

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Are These The Worst Roulette Numbers?

If you know how to play Plinko then you know how chaotic random results are. This means that we are generally more prone to believe magical theories. For example, having a lucky number. These are not going to give you any advantages whatsoever. However, there are obvious opinions that can indicate that number could be exploited. Yet once again, just think about this topic logically.

Ten years ago people who cracked slot machines did not invent magic numbers. Instead, they decided to break a complex program. Can you break a complex program? If not, then you won’t figure out the magic number anytime soon. According to Urban Matter, the number 13 is the unluckiest. On the contrary, 7 and 17 are the luckiest numbers in roulette. 

Can We Calculate Bad Numbers In Roulette?

No. We are not even going to steal your time by promising a system that can beat the odds. However, you can start to theorize mathematically. Who knows?

Worst roulette numbers
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Maybe you will prove me wrong. According to Reddit, the roulette numbers add up to 666. Which makes funny jokes alone. However, theoretically, we can run millions of RNG sequences with the same codes as online roulette. We set it to always pick a number between 0 and 666.

If we notice any peaks, we note them down and check lower numbers to be divided with the numbers. This way we can theoretically see the highest frequency numbers. But once again, the high and low frequencies may still appear in your next spin. This is why the worst roulette numbers will not give you any rest on the topic. 

What Are The Worst Roulette Numbers?

We already have an article dedicated to the most and least common numbers in roulette. But of course, you came here to read these numbers. Therefore, we are going to provide you with them. But once again, I want to highlight that just because a number is infrequent, it still has a lot of chance to appear compared to other numbers.

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This is why the invention of roulette did not get removed from the market. Because it has always been something the people of casinos have approved of. The following numbers are the most unlucky ever: 

  • Coldest numbers (least frequent): 3, 6, 13, and 34 
  • Hottest numbers (most frequent): 7, 17, 23, and 24 

Where To Play Roulette Online?

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