How To Win At Five Dice Poker – Your Ultimate Guide

  • Five Dice Poker is different from most poker games
  • The game is played not with cards but with five dice
  • Learn how and where to play Five Dice Poker online
how to win at Five Dice Poker

Are you a poker player looking for new challenges? You should learn how to win at five dice poker at online casinos. This variation of the iconic gambling game is easy to play and collect prizes in comparison to other poker games, so even beginners can try their luck at it. 

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Poker is a popular card game with numerous variations. Stud, Hold’Em, Three Cards Poker – this is not even half of the list. Among all exotic poker games, Five Dice Poker stands out. This is probably the most non-trivial “poker” game you can play on the Internet. Also, it is relatively easy to play and even easier to win if you play Five Dice Poker at 1xBet Casino

So, how to play Five Dice Poker? What makes it different from other popular variations of the game? Read our guide to learn everything about online Five Dice Poker.

What is Five Dice Poker?

Five Dice Poker is a game you can play online exclusively. Although it is called poker, it is mostly based on classic dice games. However, the game uses standard poker combinations to rank players’ hands and define the winner. Let’s see how it works at online gambling sites in Ukraine.

Five Dice Poker is played with five dice. When the player rolls a dice, they form certain combinations which are familiar to every poker fan. Combination rankings in Five Dice Poker are:

  • Poker – the highest combination. It means five dice showing the same value, e.g. five 5s.
  • Four of a Kind – four dice that show the same value, e.g. four 3s.
  • Full House includes two combinations: Set (3 dice) and Pair (2 dice). E.g. three 3s, two 2s.
  • Big Straight is a sequence of numbers from 2 to 6.
  • Little Straight is a sequence of numbers from 1 to 5.
  • Set – three dice that show the same value, e.g. three 6s.
  • Two Pair includes two pairs of dice, each showing the same value, e.g. 4, 4 and 2, 2.
  • Pair is the lowest combination of two dice showing the same value, e.g. 5 and 5.

How to win at Five Dice Poker

Have you memorized the combinations? Learn how to play Five Dice Poker online to use your knowledge and win prizes.

how to win at Five Dice Poker
Good luck!

Playing Five Dice Poker at online casinos is easy. First of all, you will play against the computer, so you don’t have to hurry or be nervous. Secondly, you can always glimpse the game rules as they are available at all online casinos in Ukraine. Finally, playing the game is easy and funny, so let’s get started! 

To play Five Dice Poker, you have to be signed up for a casino that offers this game. We will list all sites where you can find the poker dice game below; meanwhile, let’s get back to the rules.

Place a bet. The minimum and maximum amount of money you can bet per round vary from casino to casino. In general, you are free to wager any sum starting from $0.15 and ending with $550.

Start the game. The aim of Five Dice Poker is to roll a higher ranking combination on the dice than your opponent. On your first turn, you roll all five dice. Then, you can choose either to keep rolling or to skip this step and keep your current combination. 

If your combination is higher than your opponent’s, your stake is multiplied by x2. If both have the same combination, the player with the highest sum of numbers on their dice is the winner. In case it is still equal, there is a draw and your money is saved. 

Online casino sites to play Five Dice Poker

As you can see, playing Five Dice Poker is pretty easy! Try your luck in this exciting game of chance with one of the following casino sites:

  • 1xBet Casino
  • 22Bet Casino

To play Five Dice Poker at 1xBet Casino or 22Bet, you need to register your account and make a  deposit. In addition, don’t forget to read all terms and conditions before you start your gambling journey. 

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