Top Tips and Strategies on How to Win Online Bingo Jackpot

  • Winning an online bingo jackpot can also come down to skill and strategy
  • Main online bingo jackpot strategies include knowing the right bingo site, timing and type of jackpot
  • Granville’s bingo strategy is a famous approach and strategy on winning bingo
Top Tips and Strategies on How to Win Online Bingo Jackpot
Bingo's not just about luck...

Online bingo is one of the most entertaining games attracting large numbers of people everyday looking to try out their luck. However, jackpot bingo continues to draw the biggest crowds. At the moment, bingo players on one side believe winning the jackpot comes down to pure luck. On the other hand, others believe there’s a certain science to it, however, not as complex as one might think. According to our tips on how to win online bingo jackpot, it all comes down to knowing what to play, when and where.

Although having luck on your side can be truly beneficial, knowing the online bingo strategies can also reap favorable results. Consequently, by using these strategies, you could be among the list of ordinary people who’ve won big on online bingo. These include notable winners such as John Orchard, Georgios M., Martin P., and Soraya Lowell. 

However, it’s important to note that these strategies won’t necessarily guarantee success in every single online bingo game. Nevertheless, you’ll likely have a higher win rate with the use of online bingo strategies. Fortunately, we’ve provided some tips and strategies on how to win online bingo jackpot on bingo sites such as Bet365 Bingo:

  1. Select an appropriate online bingo site to play on  
  2. Knowing which jackpot is on offer 
  3. Aim to play online with less players
  4. Play with more cards
  5. Granville’s bingo strategy 

Knowing where to play is one of the essential tips on how to win online bingo jackpot

Top Tips and Strategies on How to Win Online Bingo Jackpot
More cards increase your probability of winning (Abbey Hendrickson [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons)
First, when it comes to deciding where online to play bingo, always look for established and reputable online bingo sites. For example, Bet365 Bingo which is currently one of the leading online bingo sites in the UK. Furthermore, in order to win jackpots on online bingo, you should aim for bigger online bingo sites. This is because bigger and more established bingo sites have more prizes on offer and overall irresistible online bingo jackpots. 

Selecting a jackpot is also a key element in our top tips and strategies on how to win online bingo jackpot

Currently, there are various types of jackpots which online bingo players can choose from. These include: 

  • Progressive
  • Guaranteed 
  • Sliding 

According to our tips and strategies on how to win online bingo jackpot, progressive jackpots offer the biggest payouts. However, the initial amount in progressive jackpots isn’t fixed and is will change over time. Consequently, the prize money in progressive jackpots can increase over time if no one claims the prize. 

Bet365 Bingo currently has a range of bingo rooms offering progressive jackpots. These include progressive jackpots in Snow Queen’s Magic, Big Top Tombola, Virtue Fusion and Clover Rollover and more. Fortunately, the longer the prize goes unclaimed, you could stand a chance to win a life-changing jackpot. On the other hand, the initial amount stated in guaranteed jackpot’s amount remains fixed throughout the game. 

However, in comparison to progressive and sliding jackpots, guaranteed jackpots tend to offer prizes with a smaller value. Lastly, the sliding jackpots are the least favorite jackpot in online bingo. Unlike progressive jackpots, the initial amount stated in sliding jackpots depreciates over time. Nevertheless, they’re still worth a try as you still have the opportunity to walk away with some decent prizes.

Aim to play online bingo at a time with less players 

Timing is also an important factor according to our tips and strategies on how to win online jackpot. In order to increase your probability of hitting the jackpot, you should aim for bingo rooms with fewer players. Consequently, with less bingo players online, you’re essentially dealing with less competition. For example, your winning chances are much higher in a bingo room against 10 other players than 50 other players. 

Fortunately, we have some tips on when to play on sites such as Bet365 Bingo with less bingo players. Usually online bingo rooms have less players online during the weekdays. Furthermore, odd hours such as early mornings or super late nights also make for good online bingo playing hours. 

Top Tips and Strategies on How to Win Online Bingo Jackpot
Your chances are higher if you play with less players

Try to play with more cards to increase your probability of winning 

Purchasing multiple cards is also another tip and strategy on how to win online bingo jackpot. As a result, by playing with more cards, the more likely you’ll have at least one card with the winning combination. However, it’s also important to only purchase an amount of cards that you can handle.

Consequently, by purchasing and playing too many cards at once, you will be at risk of losing money. Additionally, the chances of you hitting the jackpot might also start to decrease. 

Granville’s strategy on how to win online bingo jackpot 

Before Joseph E. Granville turned his attention to bingo winning strategies, he also played a role in providing finance based strategies. According to the online bingo news in the UK, Granville developed one of the leading bingo strategies in the world. Consequently, several bingo players look to Granville’s bingo strategy when they want to know how to win online bingo jackpot. 

The Granville bingo strategy outlines 3 main strategies designed to increase the winning chances of both new and experienced bingo players. Granville based his strategy on the combination of the laws of probability with the randomness of numbers. First, he explained his bingo strategy on a 75 ball bingo ball game. In this case, there’ll be a 1 in 75 chance of any ball being picked. 

As a result, he came up with the following findings: 

  • First, there’ll be an equal amount of numbers ending with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 
  • Additionally, there’ll be an equal amount of even and odd numbers picked 
  • Lastly, there’ll be an equal amount of high and low numbers picked 

Be sure to read our review about Bet365 Bingo for more information about our featured online bingo site. 

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