How to Win Tattslotto in 2020 – the Best Winning Strategies


Posted: July 2, 2020

Updated: July 2, 2020

  • Every Saturday you have a chance to become the millionaire with tattslotto
  • No tattslotto winning strategies are the best but you still understand what works for you

Most gamblers in Australia today are looking for ways how to win tattslotto and tattslotto winning strategies. There are multiple various lottery games in Australia that gamblers across the world can play. The Monday, Wednesday, Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, etc. are the most popular types of online lottery in Australia. But we are going to focus on Saturday lotto today, also known as Tattslotto.

So, what is it about? Every Saturday you have an opportunity to turn into a millionaire with about $4 Million Division 1 prize pool. It also includes usual Superdraw events with $20 Million or sometimes more!

Tattslotto is a 6/45 lottery format. It means, every Saturday night 6 random numbers of 45 are chosen from the barrel. To win the Division 1, all you need to do is to match 6 numbers with the numbers in the barrel.

But before learning how to win tattslotto, you first need to know how to play the lottery in Australia.

Which Ways Can You Choose to Play?

There are several ways to play tattslotto that might help you understand how to win tattslotto. You can also decide which tattslotto winning strategies are best for you to follow.

Standard Entries There are two options to play Standard Entries – Quickpick or Marked Entry. Quickpick is the simplest one. You just choose the number of games you wish to play. Then, numbers are randomly picked for you.

how to win tattslotto
Let’s play tatts!

In Marked entry, you can pick the numbers that are special for you. Besides, you can also decide on the number of games to play, up to 18 games.

1. System&Pick Entries

With system entry, you can more than just the usual 6 numbers in Tattslotto. That is, you can pick 7-20 numbers. This way you can have higher odds to win. Additionally, you can across several divisions of prizes.

In a Pick entry, you get the guarantee to get 1 or 2 winning numbers. Surely, having the guarantee for 1-2 winning numbers increases your winning odds. And the possibility to win across several prize divisions as well.

2. Advance Entries

After you chose the entry type to play, you can start choosing the draws. You should decide on which weeks you want to play. So, your vacation plans or the lack of free time to buy tickets may prevent you from doing that. In this case, you can pick Advance, Multi-week, or Subscription entries. They will allow you to make your plans ahead and appoint the entry.

With advance entry, you can play up to 10 weeks beforehand.

With a Multi-week entry, you can play the entry across several draws. So, you can pick up to 10 subsequent Tattslotto draws.

Subscription gives you a chance to join every draw automatically. You can also enter special draws, for instance, Superdraws. Hereby, you get the guarantee to never lose any draw.

One in a Million?

The odds to win a Division 1 prize in tattslotto are one in 678,755. These are the odds with the most played entry – a twelve-game entry.

In OZ Lotto, for instance, the most popular entry is – eight-game entry. And the odds to win a Divison 1 prize are one in 1,018,13.

However, you can use the system entry, and your odds to win can increase.

How to Win Tattslotto With the Lucky Numbers?

You might probably hear that some gamblers use their lucky numbers to win. And sometimes it works! These numbers can be related to absolutely anything you want – the birth date, or the numbers you frequently come across.

Other gamblers spend months studying the frequency of particular numbers. So, when they discover some, they stick to them. It sounds like a solution to how to win tattslotto. In fact, some numbers indeed appear more often than others. But every lottery has its own “frequent” numbers.

how to win tattslotto
What’s your lucky number?

The Saturday Lotto’s most frequent draws are 7, 32, 40,36, 5, and 8. The least frequent numbers are 44, 30, 16, 11, 9, and 18.

Surely your tattslotto winning strategies also depend on what you focus on. It might the first prize-winning, six-number prize or four-number prize etc. Just remember – you always have odds to win big in the lottery!

So, every gambler has one’s own tattslotto winning strategies to follow.

Following Number Systems Is Not Among the Best Tattslotto Winning Strategies

Another strategy that the gamblers may follow while playing the lottery in Australia is sticking to a particular “system” of numbers. That is, they pick the numbers according to a pattern that is visible on the tickets. The tickets may have various patterns varying from the simplest ones to the very complex patterns.

Nevertheless, picking the numbers according to these shapes is not the best solution to how to win tattslotto. The numbers are drawn randomly, therefore, the final result is not likely to be based on the ticket patterns.

Play More to Know How to Win Tattslotto

One of the best strategies to become professional in any field is to gain more practice, right? The same concerns online gambling in Australia, tattslotto winning strategies in particular. And if you are serious about gambling, then start practicing right now!

The more games you will play, the better you will understand the concept of them. Moreover, as we noted earlier, some gamblers are analyzing the frequency of separate draws. It can only be achieved by frequent gambling. Luckily, the variability of online gambling sites in Australia creates more opportunities for gamblers. Gamblers in Australia can have a great choice of games and events with the best betting odds at King Billy Casino. So, click on the website and start your practices! You can also find online lotto promotions in Australia there.

You can discover more about King Billy Casino here.

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