How Scammers Play Roulette In Casinos

  • There are plenty of stories of how scammers play roulette in casinos.
  • These scams often become plots for books and films.
  • In our article, we will look at the most famous roulette scams in history. 
How scammers play roulette in casinos

Various methods of cheating, robbery attempts, and fraudulent schemes in casinos have long been one of the most popular topics for various films and books. Some heroes of these stories inspire admiration while you feel nothing but sympathy for others. All in all, one thing is invariable – this topic leaves no one indifferent. The most curious fact is that all the characters in films and books have their prototypes in real life. Therefore, in this article, we will look at the most famous stories of how scammers play roulette in casinos. 

How scammers play roulette in casinos with mobile phones

Not so long ago, in 2004, three people entered the London Casino Rits and went straight to the roulette table. Later that evening, the three left with £ 100,000. Moreover, they returned the next day and hit a jackpot of £ 2.1 million. However, since such winnings are not common on roulette at all, the administration of the casino called the police, which later detained the group.

After the investigation, the police said that those people managed to put into practice the theory known as “sector targeting“. Gamblers used a special laser to capture the ball’s point of entry into the roulette wheel. Besides, they used this laser to measure its speed. Finally, with the help of specialized software installed on their mobile phones, they estimated its declining orbit. Indeed, this kind of software helps analyze the objects descending in the atmosphere.

How scammers play roulette in casinos
Always be on the lookout!

The story did not end here. Because of the imprecise wording of the law, these gamblers had never been accused of fraud. Why? Because their device did not affect the roulette or its parts. Moreover, British law does not directly prohibit the use of lasers and this kind of software. To sum it up, remember that this case is rather old. Thus, nowadays something like this would not work because casinos use cell jammers. That is why there is no need to look at how scammers play roulette. Just visit one of the online casinos in the USA and win real money for your fair play!

The big scam using cigarettes

We will continue talking about hi-tech equipment. In 1973, a lady named Monique Laurent became the main person of this roulette fraud. In just a week, together with her lovely husband and brother, they cheated the French Casino Deauville by over $ 1 million. When it happened, Monique’s brother worked as a roulette dealer. Therefore, from the beginning of his career, he wanted to beat the roulette. Eventually, with the help of his beautiful sister, he came up with an almost perfect plan.

These siblings implanted a radio receiver in a ball while concealing a transmitter in a simple cigarette box. So when they activated this device, the modified ball ended up in a sector of six digits. And while her husband was betting, Monique controlled the device in the cigarette box. Surprisingly, this whole scam was revealed by accident. Being an extremely attractive lady, Monique caught the eye of the casino owner who started to flirt with her. For obvious reasons, Monique behaved strangely. Then the owner noticed Monique often suspiciously moving at a very lossy roulette while not gambling herself.

How scammers play roulette in casinos
Be aware!

This casino eventually hired professional detectives to disclose the details of how scammers play roulette in casinos. However, Monique herself did not go to jail for committing fraud. All in all, fair play is always better than any scam. Try your luck in the Bovada Casino and earn real money without any scams!

How scammers play roulette in casinos: A trick with magnets

This case happened in Austria in 2003. The gang of roulette cheaters won tens of thousands of euros in one casino in Vienna. They managed to get a modified ball with a magnet on the roulette table. According to the report of the police, five people created an electromagnetic field using a special device probably hidden in a watch. Because of it, the ball always fell into one sector.

These unknown scammers didn’t win every game. However, they still managed to get around € 200,000 from that casino. Moreover, it is very interesting how they found out about this particular roulette fraud. The dealer at their table picked up the ball and it just stuck to his jacket’s metal button. After this case, the gang quickly left the casino and never showed up. The only mystery left is how they managed to change the ball. All in all, any scam will be revealed so there is no reason to even try it. Online casinos in the USA are welcoming everyone ready for real winnings and fair play!

Quick hands of Richard Marcus

The story of Richard Marcus is probably one of the most famous of how scammers play roulette in casinos. He had his gang in the US who operated for more than 20 years and won millions of dollars. Indeed, Marcus had a sense of gambling since his early years. Once, as he was dealing with cards, a man called Joe Classon approached him and offered to cheat the casino together. They used a pre-mixed deck to win more than $ 20,000.

Later they used the chip placement trick. Markus always placed a few low-value chips and a high-value chip at the very bottom of the stack. If they won the bet, Richard left a high chip on the table. However, in the lost situation, Marcus discreetly pulled the chip from the bottom of the stack. In this way, he operated with his gang for more than 20 years until 1999. Then he decided to retire and wrote down his memories. Nowadays, this kind of scam will not work. Better read about How To Win At Online Roulette: Game Strategies.

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