Hungarian Football Fans Attack Unfair Fellaini on Facebook

Fellaini Elbows Szalai Belgium v Hungary

Manchester United star Marouane Fellaini proved that he is incapable of winning respectfully because he is but a loser.

Hungary played against Belgium in the Euro 2016 Round of 16. The Belgians were favourites at all online sportsbooks in Hungary as they have one of the strongest squads in the tournament with the likes of De Bruyne and Hazard. However, the tiny team hold up well enough for a while but Belgium’s qualification was in question for only 10-15 minutes during the entire game: their second goal decided it all.

Unfair Fellaini was just a substitute…

Unfair Fellaini came in as a substitute in the 81st minute as a replacement for the Man of the Match, Eden Hazard. The score was already 3-0 at this point, the elimination for Hungary was not in question. A player with at least a tiny bit of a brain would just enjoy playing at this point and would prepare for the celebration to have qualified for the Euro 2016. But unfair Fellaini is not that type of football player who has at least a tiny bit of a brain…

Aggressive Fellaini started a fight against Hungarian striker

In the 91th minute, Carrasco scored another goal for Hungary, making those who bet on sports in Hungary and predicted a final result of 4-0 incredibly happy… or at least rich. Belgium scored from a counter attack just after Hungary had the chance to score a goal. One minute later, Ádám Szalai, Hungary’s striker jumped up in the air together with Marouane Fellaini, who decided it would be fun to elbow Szalai in the head.

Just elbowing? That’s not enough for a jerk like Fellaini…

After getting up, Szalai immediately pushed Fellaini because he obviously got angry at the unfair Man Utd star. Fellaini didn’t understand why Szalai got angry at him. Although I’m pretty sure Fellaini doesn’t understand many other things, such as primary school Mathematics or basic human behavior according to common sense.

You just don’t do that…you just don’t

At a game that was already won, and when all other Belgian players were basically only waiting for the final whistle to be able to celebrate, this guy then disgraces an entire team with his behavior. Not only he got upset for being attacked thanks to being an unfair idiot, he even disgraced the spirit of fair play.

Both Fellaini and Szalai were given a yellow card after the incident. As they left the referee, the Belgian midfielder kept talking to Szalai. He was laughing at his face and showed him 4 fingers, saying they are being beaten up by 4 goals so he should shut up. That’s the kind of thing that you can see from village players in the lowest level. 

From those, who have never won anything in their lives. Who got so used to losing that when they finally win something, they just don’t know how to behave as a winner. That’s exactly who Marouane Fellaini is: a spoiled child, a sore loser who has never really achieved anything and never will. Or when he does, he still won’t know what to do with his success.

Fellaini’s Facebook page is full of messages from Hungary

Online betting news in Hungary also saw these footages and they obviously weren’t happy about these. Fellaini’s intolerable behavior went viral among football fans in Hungary who decided it’s not to be forgotten. Angry Hungarians invaded Fellaini’s official Facebook page, wishing him all the worst that can be imagines. Too bad that most of them wrote in Hungarian. He’s probably not clever enough to know about Google Translate.

It’s not the first time that Hungarians invaded a Facebook page because of football

Yep, it has happened before. Earlier we have written about the power of this Facebook group called “TrollFoci.” They might be one of the main reasons behind the attacks once again. Hungarian football fans wrote so many cheering wishes sarcastically for Bálint Bajner of Notts County, that the UK-team had to ban all Hungarian IP addresses.

Their problem with Bajner was that he said he would never be willing to play for the Hungarian national team. He said that without thinking about the fact that he has never even had the chance to play for Hungary, and he never will. TrollFoci then sent its followers to war against the egoistic striker and has claimed victory as well. Let’s see what they will achieve against the disgraceful Belgian.

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