Hungarian Online Gambling Tax Starts in 2012 Vows Economy Minister

Hungarian Economy Minister George Matolcsy vowed that first slots then Hungarian online casino gamblers will feel the pinch of the Hungarian tax collector.

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According to online gambling news in Hungary, it were the years of enthusiastic Socialist spending which has left little but cobwebs inside the empty chambers that were once the Hungarian tax treasury.

Baklav Pisti ba, a half blind security guard shuffles to open the ancient doors for our guided tour.

“Even the gypsies stopped trying to break in last year,” grumbles Pisti ba. We walk past endless empty chambers without a sign of life but the occasional clicking of malfunctioning telegraph units, a sound well familiar to those few who survived an encounter with the rare carnivorous gecko. 

The problems facing Hungary are far from unique, and in fact are being experienced in Greece for practically the same identical reasons and root causes.

The blind belief in the validity of the Socialist economic theories of Karl Marx along with using the equivalent of telegraphs, fortune tellers, and crystal balls, instead of market driven economists to set government policy, always leads to an eventually empty tax coffer.

Now it’s time for Hungarians to cut down on the goulash, tighten their belts, and await the spending cuts, higher prices, and of course, higher taxes. The politicians however are taking it in stride as the new Hungarian Parliamentary session begins enthusiastically debating the multiple tax increase proposals on its agenda.

This year, the first victims to experience the sly hand of the government taxman emptying the victim’s wallet quicker than a lifelong master of ‘cigánybűnözés,’ will be Hungarian slot players. In 2012, gamblers at
online casino in Hungary will feel the pinch as well.

National Economy Minister George Matolcsy already stated that in 2012 online gambling will be taxed according to the revised
Hungarian gambling laws.

The semi confused minister, when asked about the direction of the online gambling market in Hungary, vaguely responded “same as the Italian.” After thinking for a few seconds, the Minister added – “If that’s technically possible.”

We are not sure about the feasibility of running an internet casino or
online bingo in Hungary using a telegraph, but we wish our Hungarian friends the best of luck trying.

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