Iconic Gambling Movie Characters – Do You Know Them All?


Posted: November 12, 2021

Updated: November 12, 2021

  • From The Hangover to James Bond
  • Who is your favorite iconic gambling movie character?
  • Iconic gambling movie characters go hand in hand with casinos

Gambling is a sport, a hobby, a passion, even a profession. The gambling universe is full of allure, luxury, and drama. And what gets you in the player mood better than movies about those aspects? Casinos, Las Vegas, Monte Carlo. The ultimate gambling settings for iconic films and gamblers. They inspire and place the rush of excitement in our minds, making us want to be in their shoes. Do you have a favorite movie gambler? Check out our list of iconic gambling movie characters. 

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The Gambler – Iconic or Tragic? 

Let’s start with a classic. The title is quite telling. So how could this movie not be on top of the list? The Gambler came out in 1974 and tells the story of a college professor who falls into the never-ending spiral of casino addiction. The film represents the dangers of irresponsible playing and serves as a warning against carrying gambling too far. The plot is a nerve-wracking road toward an intense climax. Might want to check it out before your trip to Vegas or before you start gambling online.

Casino – Viva Las Vegas

If iconic characters, then Robert De Niro can’t be left out of the list. The gambling movie, Casino from 1995, belongs to the mob culture, in which De Niro is a prominent figure. So his casting puts a welcome spin on Nicholas Pileggi’s book adaptation. And if casino, then Vegas, of course. The story reveals what is behind the luxury and extravagant facade of the casinos. The cruel reality of deception and the mob’s influence during the ’70s in Vegas. The two protagonists – both mobsters – portray different characters, sending the problems spiraling out of control. 

Raymond – The iconic Gambler

Rain Man is one of, if not the most iconic gambling movies, with equally epic characters of all time. Charlie, the self-centered car dealer, finds out that his estranged father left the multimillion-dollar inheritance to his older brother, whom he never knew. His brother, Raymond is autistic, but an expert at calculating mathematical problems and has an excellent memory.

Upon discovering that, Charlie kidnaps him from the mental institution he resides in, and they take a road trip to Las Vegas. The story’s mere focus is not on gambling, however. It’s on overcoming judgment, finding acceptance and love. Don’t miss out on Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman’s legendary classic. Who knows, you might turn out a genius at counting cards, too. Find out its secret.

The Ocean’s Trilogy – Hot Men Alert

You have to live under a rock if the names: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon don’t ring the bells. These 3 Academy Award-winning actors are among the bests in the film industry. Together, they make the most iconic gambler trio in movie history. The action trilogy is full of humor, love, twists, gambling, and theft. The brilliant characters manage to trigger sympathy in the audience and win them over in no time. All that handsome doesn’t hurt either, and just like that, we’re rooting for the “bad guys”. And after all that masculinity, in the genius spin-off, a group of talented women teaches us all the tricks of stealing a necklace worth millions of dollars. The cast includes names like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna. Come on, girls! What tricks do you have up your sleeve? Check out online casino sites in the US and win.

Did You Notice Which Iconic Movie Character Alan From The Hangover Resembles?

Since 2009 one of our favorite iconic movie characters is Alen Garner from The Hangover trilogy. Who, as it turns out, is a brilliant gambler. The Hangover broke records in the industry and earned two more sequels, most likely due to Alan’s epic character. Despite his ridiculousness, he managed to capture our hearts. Since the story takes place in Vegas, the movie was begging for a gambling scene, which we got in a way, no one could have predicted.

At the blackjack table, Alan turned into the Rain Man. Who would have imagined, right? It’s a genius twist and a salute for Raymund, as well. Thanks to this turn of events, Alan got the chance to rise among the iconic gambling movie characters. If he could do it, so can you! Check out Bet365 Casino and make thousands.

Maverick – Gambler From The Old West 

Gambling and the OLd West go hand in hand. The West gave home to gambling and notorious gamblers during the 19th century. What’s more authentic than a movie taking place then and there? Mel Gibson made history as an iconic gambler as Maverick, who is a mischievous poker player. The plot centers around a poker tournament our protagonist wants to enter but misses some of the entry fees. He needs to collect the rest, and by collect, I mean gambling it together. And gambling in the Old West meant one thing, for sure: Trouble. The movie progresses in a light-hearted fashion, with no shortage of humor and adventure. Travel back in time and learn more about the Old West

Bond…James Bond

The list of iconic movie gambler characters wouldn’t be complete without Agent 007 of the British Secret Intelligence Service. Bond is famous for keeping a cool head and being a pro at bluffing. Perhaps he missed his calling as a professional gambler since these are the basic skills every poker player aspires to master. Countless actors played Ian Fleming’s world-famous character, yet it’s time again to predict the next Mr. Bond. Daniel Craig is officially done playing the role, do you have someone in your mind for next 007? Check out the candidates. It’s the perfect time to place your bets.

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