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Posted: March 8, 2023

Updated: March 8, 2023

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We dedicated this article to showing you the IIHF World Championship odds. This sports event is popular on online wagering platforms. Because they allow for a good bet. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of betting markets connected to amazing early odds no less than 66 days before the event begins. Make sure to secure these numbers and place a bet today. Because waiting is a bad idea in this case.

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The International Ice Hockey World Championship is at the doorstep. And you shouldn’t miss out on placing a bet. Register at the online sportsbook sites in Canada and secure your bet while the odds are good and fresh. You have roughly 66 days before the IIHF World Championships ends. This means we have collected the best IIHF World Championship odds in 2023. This is the best time to place a bet.

Because we have incredible odds on some teams. We have high numbers such as the x11 on Latvia to defeat Canada. Yet, it is worth it because Canada dominates the world of Ice Hockey. This sport is an international event sought after by many sports fans separately. Because each year, regions want to prove that they could be as good as Canada.

About The IIHF World Championship Odds

Now that we are moving into the IIHF World Championship. It is important to understand the whole event. The Ice Hockey World Championship was established in 1920 and featured in the 1920 Summer Olympics. Nowadays, the event grew itself out and separated from the Olympics. Hosted by the International Ice Hockey Federation, the IIHF seeks to find the World Champion of the sport each year. Which means all regions are extremely hyped for this event.

Because it is rare when we get to decide who wears the crown. Canada is the most dominant region on the list. However, we can give chances to places such as Finland, Czech Republic, France, Canada, Hungary, Canada, and… Did I say Canada? Just register at 22BET Sportsbook and place a bet for the best odds today. According to Visit Nottinghamshire, the first match begins on April 29, 2023.

Which Regions Are Left?

According to the IIHF, Kyrgyzstan has won the third division and struck gold again. This is way too early for the competition to cross anyone out from the list of remaining teams. They are just gathering regions from all over the world to participate in the full event. However, we already have a long list of countries that will appear.

Of course, we will provide you with the IIHF World Championship odds. But first, let’s talk about the best hockey teams to bet on. Right now, the following regions are going to face off against each other:

  • Hungary, Denmark, Finland, USA, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, and Latvia.

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2023 IIHF World Championship Odds

Now that we properly introduced you to the event. You can be amazed by how amazing the available odds are. Of course, you should bet today. Because these odds will not remain as good as they are right now. A team wins a couple more Ice Hockey events to see that 4.82 dropping down to at least a 2.

  • Hungary (4.82) – Denmark (1.51) – Draw (4.9)
  • Finland (1.96)– USA (3.095) – Draw (4.3)
  • Slovakia (3.96) – Czech Republic (1.67) – Draw (4.6)
  • Latvia (11) – Canada (1.18) – Draw (7.5)
  • Sweden (1.35) – Germany (6.65) – Draw (5.6)
  • France (1.66) – Austria (4.06) – Draw (4.5)
  • Switzerland (1.18) – Slovenia (11) – Draw (7.5)
  • Norway (2.4) – Kazakhstan (2.4) – Draw (4.1)
  • Germany (8.9) – Finland (5.9) – Draw (1.27)
  • Slovakia (1.95) – Latvia (3.004) – Draw (4.4)

Ice Hockey Betting Predictions

According to Eurohockey, the champion Kazakhstan has the greatest chance to win. I would respectfully disagree with this. Because their team is amazing. Furthermore, they host the event which gives them the home field. However, Canadians are not fans of losing too much.

This means I believe we are going to move the event straight back to Toronto where it came from. Despite my generic beliefs. I think other regions such as Finland and Denmark have great chances of winning. But I would avoid betting on regions such as Austria or Hungary to win the whole event honestly. My predictions for the IIHF World Championship odds are:

  • Hungary, Finland, Czech, Canada, Sweden, France, Switzerland, Kazakhstan, Finland, and Slovakia.

Where To Bet On The IIHF World Championship Odds

Now that we have discussed everything about the event. Let me give you the best betting site to use to bet on the IIHF World Championship odds. First please check out our Ice Hockey betting tips. Because we share valuable information about wagering on this extremely unique sport. Nonetheless, I recommend 22BET Sportsbook as the main online operator for this wager. The reason behind this is obvious. The odds in this article are their courtesy. And honestly? I think these odds are amazing.

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Why Should You Bet On Ice Hockey?

The main reason why you should place a bet on the IIHF World Championship odds is the worldwide competition. This event occurs only once and all of the regions are involved. Which means we are going to have our fair share of drama and happiness. We already see strange political arguments. However, this can also contribute to a new peace.

All in all, we recommend you always bet on Ice Hockey if you are a fan. On our site, you can find the latest reports about each event. For example, we have a summary of the 2022 World Junior Ice Hockey. We will see you when the event is over. Because we will be sure to report about the winner.

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