Illegal on Ground but Electronic Bingo Games are A-OK in the Philippines

Online bingo is popular in the philippines despite government opposition

A tumultuous past between gambling and religion has been the problem for many a Philippines as well as the government banning gambling altogether!  But online games or electronic bingo games are hard to ban…

The figures show for most of the politicos of the Philippines, gambling is sinful, creates bad habits, is an addiction and infests their natives with evil. The long fought struggle for eliminating gambling in the Philippines has proven to be nearly impossible especially when social media and the internet is concerned.

Staying in? Going Out? Location Doesn’t Matter Anymore. Betting From Abroad or From Home is Just the Same

As electric bingo games are one of the more popular online games for the Philippines it has been very difficult to regulate and to prohibit locals playing. Another problem also is their very weak and tedious immigration laws which make livelihood for foreigners nearly impossible without the ability to find proper work.

Not only would the immigration be a cause for such dependence for some, the instability could also lead to more corruption which, is becoming more evident. Bingo is a friendly game but online can be very easy and very addictive after playing it for the course of hours.

What will be the Solution to Electronic Bingo Games in the Near Future

Plans for the Philippines to regulate will be collaborated with the Anti Crime and Terrorism Community Involvement and Support and the local government to introduce a gaming bill focused on gambling laws in the Philippines. So far, nothing has been done, for now.

For anyone interested in more information about electronic bingo in the Philippines or other information about online gambling in the Philippines, please take a look at our guide to
bingo in the Philippines
and the various operators that offering services there.

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