Impressive Slots Win at Milton Keynes Casino Thanks to New Legislation

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Slots player hits great jackpot at Milton Keynes Casino, thanks to the new rules, which allow an increase of the maximum jackpot on slot machines.

This great gambling news doesn’t include the identity of the winner, who chose to remain anonymous, but that doesn’t change the fact the new legislation allowed for the big GBP 15,900 win at Xscape Milton Keynes Casino.

The new UK gambling laws allow progressive jackpot payouts of up to GBP 20,000. The new rules were implemented recently and they apply to slot machines, which are linked on the same premises.

In the case of this great success, the slot machine that brought the win has a minimum bet of 40p.

A lot of emotions around the new legislation

Nigel Hartland, general manager of the winning location commented: “We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the lucky winner.”

He added: “It’s great to see someone was able to scoop such a big win so soon after the new legislation came in to force, now we’re waiting to see if anyone can claim the full GBP 20,000 progressive jackpot in the coming weeks.”

The new rule allows for a higher maximum jackpot and the amount that can be won from a single slot machine went more than double from GBP 4,000 to GBP 10,000. The maximum stake also increased from GBP 2 to GBP 5 in B1 category machines, which also includes slot machines.

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