In-play Betting in Australia is Available via Ladbrokes Sportsbook

Australian in-play betting laws vs Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes Sportsbook decided to reactivate their in-play betting in Australia service after fellow sportsbook had won a legal battle in the matter.

Australian gambling laws were heavily criticized by online betting operators like Bet365 Sportsbook, William Hill or Sportsbet (property of Paddy Power) for being way too archaic. Australian gambling laws and regulations allow in-game online sports betting only via brick and mortar betting shops and telephone.

However, these gambling laws, the Interactive Gambling Act, were ratified back in 2001, when the land-based and online gambling markets were totally different from their current state. Many claimed that these regulations direct players towards offshore gambling operators, which is much more risky for them and also a big loss for the Australian government.

Ladbrokes Sportsbook offering in-play betting in Australia

Ladbrokes Sportsbook was one of the first operators announcing that they reactivate in-play betting in Australia. Prior to that, William Hill Australia had won a legal battle regarding the matter. The Australian Federal Police (AFP) announced in late October that they wouldn’t investigate the internet betting operator.

However, William Hill Australia might have been breached Australian gambling laws by offering the ‘Click to Call’ service to their users. This feature is virtually a workaround for current gambling laws in Australia, as it enables in-play betting in Australia for players using smartphones and laptops.

After the decision was made, Ladbrokes Sportsbook opted to offer in-play betting in Australia again. It is interesting how the government will react, as expectedly more and more operators will offer the feature for those who bet on sports in Australia.

At the meantime, if you look for a site offering in-play betting in Australia, go to Ladbrokes Sportsbook and take advantage of their service! Also read the Ladbrokes Sportsbook review in our Australian online betting guide to learn more on this recognized operator offering online gambling in Australia.

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