Independent MP Andrew Wilkie Wants Tasmania Gambling Monopoly Under Scrutiny

Wilkie Tasmania gambling monopoly scrutinized

Australia’s Federal Government recently announced it will adopt 44 of the 56 Harper Review recommendations handed down in March which spells good news for Independent MP Andrew Wilkie who has been pushing to get Tasmania gambling monopoly under scrutiny.

Gambling news reported that Wilkie has not been able to get Federal Group, Tasmania gambling monopoly, under scrutiny due to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) limited power to intervene in deals struck by state and territory governments under current regulations.

However, all that will change as soon the Federal Government enforces the Harper Review recommendations as one of them strengthens the powers of the ACCC to initiate an investigation whenever needed.

Wilkie Not Alone in Wanting Tasmania Gambling Monopoly Under Scrutiny

Wilkie said that he was hopeful the amendment will mean that the exclusive gambling monopoly given to casino operator Federal Group by the former Tasmanian government will undergo scrutiny. “I am in no doubt that they will find serious fault in the arrangement we’ve had in this state since 2003 that one company, through a secret process, go a monopoly license,” he added.

It looks like Wilkie was not the only one who is looking forward to the amendments to make sure Federal Group adhere to Australian gambling laws. Tasmania’s Treasurer Peter Gutwein also welcomed the change with open arms. “The Tasmanian Government welcomes the opportunity to work with the states and territories, and the Australian Government, on the implementation of the recommendations,” he said.

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