Lotto Player Wins Second $1 million from the Massachusetts Lottery

Lotto player second $1 million win from Massachusetts Lottery

It seems like Lady Luck has been very generous in sprinkling her lucky dust on Constance Carpenito from Massachusetts, a lotto player who just won her second $1 million from the Massachusetts Lottery in 19 years!

Lotto player Constance Carpenito is making another round of appearance in the world of gambling news with her second win of $1 million from the Massachusetts Lottery. Carpenito’s recent lotto strike was the result of a $20 instant game known as $10,000,000 Diamond Millionaire.

It was reported that Carpenito plays the lottery religiously in the same Stop & Shop store in Massachusetts since her big win 19 years ago. In 1996, Carpenito won her first $1 million with a scratch ticket bought from that particular store and also bagged a $20,000 lotto prize six weeks prior to that. Carpenito said that she has been spending $20 a week playing lottery at her ”lucky store” ever since.

It Was Pure Luck to Win the Second $1 million from the Massachusetts Lottery

“You’ve got to be lucky to win a million twice,” says Carpenito. Indeed. Massachusetts Lottery spokesman Christian Teja said that her win is nothing but a coincidence because tickets are sent out at random to 7500 retailers across Massachusetts.

A quick calculation revealed that the odds of Carpenito winning her most recent prize was 1 in 693,000 while her odds in 1996 stood at 1 in 3,780,000. Her odds of winning twice was 1 in 2.6 trillion!

With the holiday seasons just around the corner, Carpenito said that she plans to spend her winnings in ensuring her family and grandchildren will have an extra special celebration this year. Lady Luck seem to be fairly active this year with recent reports of other winnings, how about trying it out with some online lotteries too before you go rushing out to the stores?

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