Inter Miami Fun Facts – 7 Interesting Facts About Messi’s Team


Posted: October 2, 2023

Updated: October 2, 2023

  • Why is Inter Miami’s color pink and black
  • When was Inter Miami created?
  • Inter Miami fun facts

We have collected some Inter Miami fun facts for the new fans who want to be even more involved with the team. Learn everything you need to know about this timeless team owned by Beckham and led by Messi. Learn how to bet on your new favorite team and its rivalry with Orlando City.

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Today we have collected some of the most interesting Inter Miami fun facts. These might be funny, but generally, they are all surprising or thought-provoking. We all know that Inter Miami is a huge brand, and despite it not being the most successful club, it is one that harnessed the greatest amount of new fans worldwide in a long time. You can see their name all over the online sportsbook sites in the US.

However, the fans are coming from Europe thanks to the fact that they successfully managed to hire their new captain; Lionel Messi. If you are a new fan, then this is going to help you learn why you should stick to the whole team, and not only Messi. Because it is bound to be successful!

1. Owned By David Beckham – Inter Miami Fun Facts

If you wonder who is behind all this marketing, and great decision making. Then you could only guess that someone who loves football, Miami, and of course the world of brand culture. Who else, if not David Beckham, who is probably one of the few celebrities who remained an icon, and whose intense presence was never shamed ever.

She is the perfect soccer player, the hottest man, the greatest father, and the funniest husband. And now, he is also the owner of Inter Miami. He knew how to make captivating brand decisions, like the pink colors. And of course, he is the only person who could manage  Inter Miami with Lionel Messi as a captain. – Register at Bovada to be able to bet on his team. 

2. The Pink And Black Colors

This is among some of the most amazing Inter Miami fun facts. Let’s be honest with ourselves. My favorite color is pink, and this is one of the only reasons why I am a fan of this soccer club. And roughly 20-30 years ago? Wearing pink would have had a negative impact. David Beckham feels the wind of change and knows how this beautiful color mixed with his authentic black aesthetics will create the best energy fans need. 

According to, the colors seek to represent the beautiful Miami sunset and the energy of the city. Black, because it is serious and luxurious. However, it is also pink due to the energy of everyone living there. Full of love and passion, radiating creativity and energy. This is Miami and the best color decision of all time.

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3. Lionel Messi’s Simple Life – Inter Miami Fun Facts

When we first heard about Lionel Messi’s retirement hints, we were worried that we could never see him play again. However, it turns out that this retirement was meant to be a form of leaving Europe. Because he felt a life calling for him. He wants his family to discover a new culture, a new lifestyle, and a massive change.

He wants to be a little laid back, which perfectly describes the American lifestyle, even though he has suffered injuries recently. In conclusion, the reason why we have Messi on the team is because the American lifestyle is more appealing to him and his family, and they are ready to leave Europe behind.

4. Fans Only Care For Messi

While this is not as funny as we promised, among the Inter Miami fun facts we must mention this one. During the Inter Miami injuries, we had a whole group of fans filling up the arena. However, the moment Messi decided to step down due to his injury, fans started to leave the arena. It was a strange sight to see families dressed up in pink from socks to underwear, just suddenly ditching the team due to one player.

We understand the other side of the story too. Some of the American fans who could never see Messi now got a chance and they just didn’t want to stay for the rest of the hours as Messi left at the 37th minute.

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5. Changing Time – Inter Miami Fun Facts

We could say that sometimes legendary moments manage to stop the time for a brief moment. This is especially true with the team. While they did not manage to paint themselves among the stars yet, their creation did stop the change of time.

According to the Miami Herald, the team was formed on the same day a Bill was passed down to keep Miami in the Daylight Saving timezone. Therefore, Miami seeks to quit changing its time zones seasonally. It is only a coincidence that the day Miami changed, it entered its pink era with the creation of Inter Miami. 

6. Brand Presence

One of the many Inter Miami fun facts also involves the brand presence. Because it is a well-known strategy for sports teams to establish a community over winning World Cups. Therefore, Inter Miami is maximizing the brand alone. According to Need Some Fun, they have a strong community involvement.

And they are rather active on platforms such as TikTok and other social media sites. They have black and pink colors, coincidentally working with the current black music trend, and of course, they hired Lionel Messi. It is a revolutionary brand for a decent team.

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7. Rivals With Orlando City SC

Finally, the last Inter Miami fun fact is that they are rivals with Orlando City SC. Therefore, Messi has returned to the world of rivalries, even if on a smaller scale. This year, we are going to be able to see many of the Orlando City SC. And you can bet on their upcoming matches by registering at Bovada Sportsbook.

They are going to provide you with every single event with no exceptions. In conclusion, you will be able to relive some of the old rivalries of Messi by watching the upcoming matches. But like every rivalry, this one will come to an end. Do not miss out and bet today!

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